(Affordable Price) Best Pre Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

Being a wedding photographer in Chandigarh and native to Punjab and Haryana’s capital, we have helped hundreds of couples capture their romance, passion, love, and care in the most iconic pre-wedding location in Chandigarh. There is a number of pre-wedding shoot locations around Chandigarh. As we know, a pre-wedding shoot has become more of a prerequisite for all weddings among millennial couples.

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

A lot of effort goes into planning and executing a perfect and dreamy pre-wedding shoot.  We all know that choosing pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh is a challenging task. Pre-wedding photography has gained so much popularity that couples these days leave no page unturned when it comes to opting for glamourous outfits, pre-wedding photographers, larger and brighter-than-life photography sets and breathtaking destinations.

Pre-wedding photography has become so popular as photographers clicked during this creates lifetime memories for the couple and family to cherish forever.

Pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh price

The one and most important thing that is a must in every couple’s checklist are getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done by the best photographer.

These days, couples getting married follow this trend with us and to specify your needs we will come to your place and understand your requirements. We help you with the quotes based on the service requirements.

If you are planning to get a photographer only to shoot your pre-wedding shoot then this is how it might go down

  • The small-time beginner photographers might cost you anything in between Rs 10 to 15 thousand for the pre-wedding shoot.
  • Mid-level photographers might cost you anything from Rs 20 to 30 thousand.
  • Mid-high-level photographers might cost you around Rs 40 to 50 thousand.
  • High-level famous photographers might cost above Rs 50 thousand per day for pre-wedding shoots.
  • Some photographers might even be willing to charge you on an hourly basis so in case you are planning a simple pre-wedding shoot then this can highly benefit you.

Overall, it depends on the photographer and package you have chosen, your pre-wedding shoot could be anything between free to about Rs 50 thousand a day. There could be some extra charge when you consider videos or a pre-wedding shoot with various concepts and post-production. If you want to get a shoot down with bride or groom maids then you could get that included in the pre-wedding shoot or you are getting ready shots also.

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Some variable factors might add to your pre-wedding shoot as follows-

  • The city- Shooting in your own city is the same as the photographer is the most practical thing, otherwise spending on their commute, conveyance and stay is on you, which could add up to some extra charges.
  • The venue- If you planning to do your pre-wedding photoshoot at a free venue or someplace that is chargeable then this can add to the overall cost. Pre-wedding venues that have the ideal location can charge between Rs 25 to 50 thousand per day.
  • The props- You should check it with our photographer if you have certain props in mind. In case you already have them then you could request to get them. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it.
  • The makeup- If you choose to do it on your own then it is free, otherwise we have to be employing makeup artists for your pre-wedding shoot.

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Wedding photographers in Chandigarh with reasonable price

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

We believe that your wedding photographers must understand how important your wedding day is for your as well as your family. Only when they know this only then they can look out for the sweetest as they have to capture the most emotional and beautiful moments on the camera. We do this every day and we know the importance of marriage rituals we capture those moments which happen on the sidelines of your wedding.

We are professional in capturing this raw emotion, packaging it into a beautiful picture for you, and giving it to your to cherish forever.

Our team of photographers, editors and cinematographers is well-equipped, talented and professional. At every wedding, our dedication to the art of Indian weddings shines.

For every wedding we cover, we become a part of your family. We ensure that the bride, the groom and their families are comfortable enough with us and our team to let their guard down and give us amazing and beautiful candid moments to capture. You should plan your pre-wedding photoshoot with our best photographers in Chandigarh.

We are a premier production house and are ranked among the best pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh. Our scope of expertise is creative wedding photography, timeless wedding films, fashion photography and videography, and corporate and commercial films.

Our creative artistic and unique style of pre-wedding photography and videography made us one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh. Our focus is on pre-weddings creating timeless memories with photojournalism, fine art and late fashion photography style. The result is very creative, clean and crisp wedding art that is romantic, fun-filled and emotional.

Best photographers in Chandigarh

Best photographers in Chandigarh

Best wedding photography In Chandigarh

Our team is a dedicated team of wedding photographers in Chandigarh following their passion and skills in a professional way. Our professional team is skilled in capturing the best memories for your and your family. Making us vastly famous as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

Most of our clients are through references of our previous clients and we offer your services that capture the most emotional and memorable moments of your as a couple.

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Pre-wedding photography In Chandigarh

Pre-wedding photography is a developing trend or fashion where engaged couples choose to have the top and best photographers for pre-wedding shoots in Chandigarh. Pre-wedding shoot taken in a particular location as per our client’s choice.

There is a number of concepts available in the sector of pre-wedding which you can choose from. Although, we use digital and modern concepts and much more others too. We are famous for the carefree, fun-loving and relaxed style of the best wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

Cinematography In Chandigarh

We make sure to give you the best cinematic wedding films in full HD and 4K quality. We can click the most wonderful wedding photographs because we use all the modern and latest types of equipment for the shoot.

We have been capturing memories with our clients and wedding couples for a since long. Our videography team captures a moment of art and the story from your wedding day. Our candid wedding photographers and cinematography sessions will capture your amazing moments, emotions and expressions.

Product photography In Chandigarh

Being in the field of photography for a long, we have successfully carved a niche for ourselves. Be it weddings. candid moments, product photography, and corporate events, we have achieved its standards of client expectations.

It is because of such achievements and our valued client’s feedback, we are the best product photographers and have done a number of commercial shoots and product shoots as well.

We as the best pre-wedding photographers

If someone is getting married then the real planning starts and they have probably chosen w wedding venue but what about these all-important photographs? This is the point where our team steps in. Because of our great reputation, we are famous as one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

Pre wedding shoot locations in Punjab

We are sure that with the support of our clients, we will be very soon known as one of the top photographers in Chandigarh. A candid pre-wedding shoot is the best way to document your love for each other before your big day.

The pre-wedding location may be Shimla, Nainital or Rishikesh but choosing the ideal location for your pre-wedding is an important decision. Whether your pre-wedding shoot in Shimla, Nainital or Rishikesh the thing that is matters is what type of shoot requirements you have.

Professional photographer in Chandigarh

A creative and wonderful pre-wedding shoot is the best way to celebrate your love for each other and capture some amazing memories that you will be able to look back on for years to come. It is a great chance to really let your hair down and have some fun moments with your fiance and it is also a great chance to get some amazing photographs that you will treasure forever.

In addition, it is a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera. A number of couples find that getting shots like this done professionally makes them feel a lot more at ease on the day of their wedding. In case, if you are feeling a little bit apprehensive about having your photographs taken, a candid pre-wedding shoot is definitely the way to go.

You must have a personal pre-wedding photographer because it is a great chance, as our pre-wedding photographer’s team capture your love for each other in a special way. It is also a chance to try some new poses and experiment with your looks, hair and makeup. Most importantly, a candid pre-wedding shoot is a great and best way to establish anticipation for your big day.

When we think of a pre-wedding photoshoot, the very first thought that comes to our mind is extravagance and grandeur. While some couples think that maybe a pre-wedding photoshoot is unnecessary and expensive. A pre-wedding photoshoot is an ideal chance for the couple to know each other.

Professional photographer in mohali

This is where the wedding shoot comes into the frame with a professional team of pre-wedding photographers. With an excellent team of experts and professionals, we are considered the best team of pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh. Our professional team always comes up with innovative and creative ideas to make an ideal pre-wedding shoot for the client’s satisfaction along with quality work.

We are the best pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh. A pre-wedding photoshoot is done at least 1 to 2 months prior to the wedding, the reason is that the couple gets to spend time and get to know each other well.

Also, they get to know their cameraman and get comfortable in front of the cameras for their big day. Our team of experts has compiled a list of the best pre-wedding photoshoot poses and ideas. This will help the couple to choose from a huge range of pre-wedding shoot concepts.

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