(Review) Nicco Park Kolkata (Ticket Price, Amusement Park & Things to do)

Nicco Park is located in Kolkata and was established in 1991, almost 21 years ago today. Nicco Park serves as a home to more than 30 rides and attractions such as the Water Coaster, Water Merry-go-Round, Caterpillar, Twist and Turn, which are a few that you must try if you are planning to go there for the first time. If you want to have some utter adrenaline-rushing moments then you should not miss the Roller Coaster ride, known as the largest roller coaster ride in the country.

Nicco Park Kolkata

The Roller Coaster bogey of the ride runs on the 750-meter-long track. Nicco Park is also known as the Disneyland of West Bengal because of its many rides and attractions. The extravagant Nicco Park is located at the heart of the metropolis of Kolkata. Most amusement rides in the park are quiet and recreational. Because of this reason, this place is loved and adored by almost everyone who comes here to spend their holiday in an exciting and exciting way.

The entrance of every ride in the amusement park offers explanations of the scientific principles that works behind the rides. The amusement park’s Solar Energy Village has been set up to demonstrate the functions of various non-conventional energy sources in community life.

In keeping with its green theme, a greenhouse is also run by Indo-American Hybrid Seeds Limited selling different types of plants.

This amusement park also has a food court alongside the gaming zone serving hygienically various cuisines at very affordable prices. Savor the delectable snacks and beverages that the place offers to visitors.

How to reach Nicco Park Kolkata

Nicco park is located at a distance of around 7 km from Kolkata Railway Station and 14 km from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport. You can take the route from the city center via Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road- Maniktala Mian Road, Ist Cross Road- NH 12- GM Block D Street Number  27. So, you have to arrive at one of these places then you can go for the following options to reach Nicco Park-

  • Taxi- In case you are traveling from the airport then you can take a taxi from the airport to reach Nicco Park fastly. It will take around 15 minutes to reach Nicco Park from the airport and would cost you around Rs 400 to 500.
  • Bus- If you want to travel by bus then you have to take the 215S from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airpor and it will take around an hour to reach Nicco park. Traveling by bus from the airport to Nicco Park can cost you around Rs 50 per person.

Entry Ticket Price of Nicco Park Kolkata

  • The entry price of the park is Rs 186 for limited rides and attractions
  • The package deal cost is Rs 600 that includes all park rides, water rides and attractions
  • The annual pass cost is Rs 2300 which includes all park rides, water rides and attractions
  • The annual amusement park ticket price is Rs 960 which includes only entry to the park and all park rides
  • The annual water park ticket is Rs 960 that includes an entry ticket and all water rides

Things to do at Nicco Park

Nicco Park Kolkata

The things that you can enjoy at Nicco Park are as follows-

Nicco Super Bowl

Nicco Super Bowl is Kolkata’s best bowling alley and it is a favorite hangout place, especially for youngsters who come for an entertaining game with family or friends.

They also have an air hockey table, a derby game and some pool tables, They have four bowling alleys that are well maintained and also have been a venue for a number of bowling tournaments in Kolkata. The entry price of Nicco Super Bowl is Rs 55 per person and the bowling games cost anything between Rs 100 to Rs 200 depending on the package you have chosen.

A game of Pool, Air Hockey and Derby costs you between Rs 35 to Rs 55 per person.

Attractions and Shows

The attractions of Nicco Amusement Park are not limited to the fun rides but also include lush green gardens and a 40 feet high waterfall. Nicco park also has a Bowling alley and Eiffel Towe that can be claimed to get a spectacular view of the whole park, a genuine decommissioned MIG 21 Fighter Plane and 4 D movie theatre, an Underwater Exhibition known as Ocenica that houses about 75 live marine animals and a Haunted House with high-quality effects and sounds that will scare everyone entering the house.

Bowler’s Den

Bowler Den is located on the rooftop of Nicco Super Bowl and this is a fascinating 50-seater indoor set restaurant that serves a huge variety of scrumptious Chinese and Tandoori Cuisine.

The restaurant is located such that it offers you a panoramic view of the water park from the top of the building. Bowler’s Dein is open from 1 pm to 11 pm every day and this restaurant venue is suitable for events, gatherings and celebrations.


Nicco Amusement Park has a water park known as Wet-O-Wild with themed water slides where you can find water rides that suit your needs. So whether you want to laze around, unwind or feel the thrill of an adventure water rod then Wet-O-Wild is an ideal place for you.

There are rides such as the Lazy River, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, Kiddies Pool, Body Slide, Splash Pool, Pirate Bay, Family Swirl, The Niagara Falls, Wav Runner and Tube Slide, etc. If you are ins search of a cooling respite on a sunny afternoon then you should head to Wet-O-Wild.

Food Court

The food court or park at Nicco Amusement Park serve Bengali, South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Chinese meals and snacks. You would not be disappointed as the food is prepared with utmost care to suit every taste bud.

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There is a number of shops located inside the amusement park where you can buy gift and souvenirs. Items commonly found here such as accessories, t-shirts, mugs and cups, etc.

What not to miss at Nicco Amusement Park

There are a total of 35 rides operational on the premises of the Nicci Amusement Park and here are some details about some of them-

  • River Cave- Riven Cave is known as one of the most famous and thrilling rides in the park, River Cave unfolds the stories and secrets about the dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions. To know more about it you have to take a paddle boat and paddle your way through the cave. If you are lucky then you might see a T-Rex.
  • Water Coaster- The Water Coaster of Nicco Park is a double-seater ride that has a height of 80 meters. If you want to enjoy this ride then you have to climb to the top of it and after that, an instructor would push you to form there you would come spiraling down. The entire ride takes only 7 seconds to complete but it is enough for you to enjoy some adrenaline-rushing moments.
  • Cyclone- Widely considered the biggest roller coaster ride in the country, Cyclone is one of the favorite rides of Nicco park. This ride is around 750 meters long and offers you a thrilling experience while running in the topsy turvy route.
  • Toy Train –The Toy Train of the Nicco Park is a miniature version of the Darjeeling Toy Train and can carry around 20 rodes at a time. By taking a ride on this toy train you can see all the attractions of Nicco Amusement Park.

Places to eat around Nicco Amusement Park

Here are some of the best places around Nicco Park where you can have some lip-smacking foods-

  • Ranjan’s – If you are looking for a high-end restaurant that offers you sumptuous Indian and Chinese dishes then you must go to Ranjan’s. This restaurant is located within walking distance of the park and this place offers you food like chicken curry and spicy chicken rolls at an affordable price.
  • ABCOS Food Plaza- ABCOS Food Plaza is situated only a few meters away from Nicco Amusement Park and it is the best place for foodies. At this place, you can choose from a plethora of cuisine options like Asian, Indian, International and Chinese, etc. This food plaza also has a separate bar where you can enjoy different types of beverages with your family member or friends.
  • Indies- Indies is also known as one of the best veg restaurants in Kolkata, this restaurant offers Indian as well as Italian cuisine at a price range of Rs 200 to Rs 450. If you are coming to this place for the first time then you should make sure that you will try out the Turkish Borek, Arrabiata Pasta and Panner Angara.

Best time to visit Nicco Amusement Park

Because of the plethora of water rides, Nicco Amusement Park gets the highest number of visitors in the summer season. Although, if you want to come here then you can visit this park throughout the year-

Summer Season-If you want to enjoy the water rides of Nicco Amusement Park then it would be better for your to come here in the summer season. It will help you to battle the heat of the summer and make some memorable moments with your family or friends.

Winter Season- The winter season is another great time for visiting Nicco Amusement Park to enjoy the rides and attractions of the park. However, due to cold weather, it might get a little bit tough for you o enjoy the water rides at the park.

Monsoon Season- During the monsoon season, the city of Kolkata receives a heavy amount of rainfall, which makes it tough for you to enjoy the rides of the park properly. Hence, it would be better for you not to visit the amusement park during the monsoon season.

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Travel Tips

  • By paying the entire fee you will be able to enjoy a few rides. If you want to use the other rides and attractions you will have to pay a little bit more. So do not forget to check in advance the price arrangement of the amusement park.
  • You should make sure that you have booked your tickets in advance, especially during the festive seasons.

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