Naka Cave Thailand Giant Snake Stone Story (Briefly Explained)

The Naka Cave in Thailand is an intriguing location that is not really like anything else in the Land of Smiles. A cavern that resembles the scaly exterior of a huge or giant snake from the outside and has some strange snake-like relics on the inside, it is surprising that it is inspired by local myths and legends. The one downside to all this is that the Naka Cave is located in a remote and not often visited in the corner of Thailand and it is about 10 hours from Bangkok and closer to Laos than the popular islands of the Thai Gulf.

Naka Cave Thailand Giant Snake Story

Naka Cave is found in Phu Langka National Park which is located in Thailand and in Thai it means snake. There is a reason for this, the cave looks like a huge or a giant snake. The texture of the stones looks similar to the scales or skin of a snake. Over the years there has been a number of articles publishing fake news about the cave, they try to show that the rock formation is the fossils of a giant snake.

What is the story behind Naka Cave Thailand?

So, here we are to let you know about the real story behind Naka Cave of Thailand. All occurred lengthy, way back, within the mystical Kingdom of Rappata Nakhon, on the shored of the Khong Long Lake.

There was a prince of Rappata Nakhon kingdom, Prince Fahoong who was tall, good looking and strong. Every man within the kingdom was proud to name his pad and the women all beloved the twinkle of his deep blue eyes and his dazzling smile.

Prince Fahoong has all the riches on the earth- a whole lot of cash might buy but he could not discover his real love. When he had no one to share them with then what good have been riches?

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Giant Snake Stone Naka Cave Thailand

Naka Cave Thailand Giant Snake Stone

One day, when the Prince was strolling via the woods alongside the shores of the Khong Long Lake then he heard a woman singing in the distance. He had by no means heard the song earlier but her voice was so candy and the world have been so unhappy and melancholy that he immediately fell in love with her.

Then he ran within the sound of the voice and regarded low and excessive but the singing had stopped and that woman was nowhere to be seen. He was about to show round and return back to home when he heard the sound of a woman softly crying. Deep in his coronary heart, he knew that it needed to be an identical woman who was singing amazingly, moments earlier. Then suddenly, he noticed a flash of a purple and inexperienced cap behind a tree then he fastly ran in direction of it.

Once again the woman was gone but at his toes, he notices that a snake has shed its skin and pores, he picked up the skin and pores and turned it around with his fingers. He had seen snakeskin and pores earlier than but by no means with this unusual sample; for the half was colores a super purple and the opposite half was as inexperienced because of the leaves on the nice tree.

After that, with that snakeskin and pores, he returned back to his home. Then one another day, while roaming around the valley on the outskirts of the Royal Palace, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful young lady. He did not waste any moment in asking her what is her name.

She told him her name is Nakkarint Rani. She was so beautiful and attractive that the prince fell head-over-heels in love with her in the first meeting itself. When he asked where she is from then she told him that she is not from around here but came to visit a relative. As time passed, bit started to meet up and have conversations fo desires and dreams. Fahoong took her to many of his favorite places around his kingdom. In short, Nak Rani reciprocated his feeling and this started a beautiful relationship between the two.

It looked as if they have known each other for a very long way. Not waiting for much longer, Fahoong proposed to Nakkarint Rani and even told her to stay with him at the Royal Palace in his kingdom for eternity. But she has a confession to make before anything happens between the two.

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The prince was all ears when he told him her reality. Nakkarint Rani told him she is not a human but a Nala or a Serpent. She told him that while crawling near the forests, she once saw him and fell for the prince at the exact moment. To make him love her back she transformed herself into a beautiful and gorgeous woman to run into him.

This shocked the prince quite deeply and he did not know how to respond and left. But we all have the power of love. Then he returned in just a few days and told her that he accepts her and told her that he loves her too much to let her go. Nakkarint Rani becomes happy and went to her own kingdom called the Nakarat Kingdom or the Kingdom of Serpents to tell her family about her love story. The Naka King was worried about his daughter’s choice to marry and live among the Humans but like most fathers, his daughter’s happiness was of the utmost importance so he agreed to get the love birds married.

Everyone was happy and the marriage was arranged as a huge ceremony on 7 days in both Rattappa Nakhon and the Nakarat Kingdom. The Naka king gifted King Ue-Lue a gem-engraves shining crown. No one in Rattapa has an idea about the reality behind Nakkaritrani being from the Serpent Kingdom. Things worked out pretty well and like this 3 years passed. After 3 years, the Kingdom along with King Ue-Lue started to get suspicious as to why Fahoonh and Nak-Rani could not bear a child.

Then Nak-Rani started to fall sick because of the stress of the situation. One day, she got so sick that her powers started to diminish and she transformed back into a large serpent. Then one of the servants of King Ue-Lue saw her and got frightened and fled from the scene. King Ue-Lue was informed about this and he got angry about the deceit.

Then he wrote a letter to King Naka telling him to take his daughter away. King Naka loved his daughter that he could not see her being humiliated like this by the whole kingdom. Fahoong went into depression because of everything as he was helpless and could not do anything to make it all right. After that, King Naka came to take away his daughter and also the crown that he gifted King Ue-Lue along. But the King-Ue–Lue denied having it as he sold it anywhere else.

This enraged the Naka King that he swore he will return and burn the kingdom to ashes. The same night, he returned to Rattapa with his Serpent Army and destroyed most of the kingdom with their magical powers. There was no one who could fight the Naka Army and the whole kingdom was droned and submerged in large amounts of water.

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It is believed that the Kingdom used to be at the same place where now, the Khong Long Lake exists.

At last, the Naka King cursed King Ue-Lue into a large giant snake and was stuck in the place till eternity. Locals believed that the Snake Formation at the Naka Cave is no other the proof of the existence of King Ue-Lue.

Buddhist Mythology Naka Cave Thailand Giant Snake Story

The story we are telling has its roots in very historic Buddhist mythology. Many early civilizations believed that snakes have been creatures despatched by the gods as guardians to religious gateways.

They noticed that the snake was an emblem of energy and most of the temples have cravings or statues of nice serpents for function safety. Buddha is famously portrayed as sitting in the coils of the Muchalinda, a cobra with the snakes’ big hood defending Buddha from the weather.

What is there to see at Naka Cave Thailand?

Naka Cave has been catapulted into the limelight because of one thing, its curious geology. Actually, the rocks here look like the scales of a giant snake, which has inspired local folks to relate it to the serpent beings of Buddhist mythology. But, whether this is the frozen remains of an ancient snake spirit or just a different cavern and there is no denying that it is a pretty interesting fact.

Cursed Stone Nnake in Thailand

  • Snake Scales- A narrow cleft in the rock before the entrance of the cave looks unquestionably like a curled snake with scales on its body. It is so huge that you can even walk between the body of the snake.
  • Snakehead rock- A scaly stone that resembles the head of a snake that can be seen in the forest outside. This part of the cave has been the subject of some fake news, as recent videos took photos of a snake-like rock in Laos and attributed it to the Naka Cave that is located in Thailand.
  • Interior walls- The inside of the Naka Cave has white glimmering walls that are covered in minerals and a pattern that closely resembles snake scales.
  • Serpent teeth formation- There is one particularly haunting rock formation to be found inside the Naka cave. It resembles the petrified teeth of a huge snake-like creature. It could be another sort of fossil or the result of natural mineral build-up.

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The Phu Langka National Park

The National Park has layers of three mountains that spread along the Mekong River. This is a famous tourist trail leading to the top of Pha Ngoi, a famous lookout point that gives stunning views of the Bhan Phaeng district and the Mekong River. Naka Cave is actually two km under this lookout point.

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