Las Vegas to San Diego Bus (Timings, Routes & Disctance)

Las Vegas to San Diego by bus, San Diego is a major city that is located in Southern California and is one of America’s most famous tourist destinations. This city is popular for beautiful beaches, great weather year-round, the bustling craft brewery scene and a number of outdoor attractions. Whether or not you come back for a weekend or pay a couple of weeks hanging out you may fall soft on with San Diego. With more than 100 days of sunshine each year, it is no wonder they consider this place as America’s Finest City.

Las Vegas to San Diego Bus

Las Vegas to San Diego Bus

While you visit San Diego then you will find friendly locals, great weather, amazing beaches and delicious seafood and Mexican cuisine. San Diegans are proud to be from this place and are not afraid to supply their recommendations, thus do not be afraid to ask! you may realize that San Diego may be a terribly active community and you may realize folks are out biking, running and walking any time of the day.

San Diego may be a good spot to go to throughout the year with coastal temperatures around twenty-four degrees Celsius most of the time. Morning times on the coast start out overcast and gloomy but usually clear by noon. San Diego is incredibly giant and is created from heaps of neighborhoods and it’s additionally a county which means that there is a variety of cities that fall within the larger space of urban center County. Here are most neighborhoods within the town of San Diego.

Snorkeling, sunny beaches, observation of a cinnabar sunset over rugged cliffs and ocean caves whereas paying attention to the barking of ocean lions. That got a bit particular but they welcome you to San Diego. You will get breathtaking views, never-ending food options and iconic sights that speak for themselves. San Diego is pretty much paradise so it might be hard to leave after your weekend in San Diego is over but this extensive guide will tell you how to create the foremost out of your urban center weekend getaway.

Distance from Las Vegas to San Diego

The shortest distance from Las Vegas to San Diego is about 420 km or 260 miles. The shortest route from Las Vegas to San Diego is 526 km and the driving time is approximately 6 hours and 5 minutes via scenic route (via Mojave National Preserve) and the quick route is about 330 miles that take about 5 hours and 30 minutes via Interstate 15. If you are in hurry you could easily make the trip in a single morning and do something in San Diego that same day. Therewith aforesaid the drawback is that the faster route is notably less scenic-following interstate fifteen all the thanks to San Diego makes for a simple, however mundane drive through less-than-exciting parcel all the thanks to the Los Angeles area.

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Routes from Las Vegas to San Diego

The quicker route via I-15

Take the Interstate 15 route out of Las Vegas, bus driving past Sloan canon National Conservation space and on Mojave National Preserve. Detour into Death Valley the bus trip will continue by Barstow and Victorville before reaching Angeles and San Bernardine National Forests. From here bus either detour into Los Angeles or cut through San Bernardino and Morena Valley via Interstate 215 before rejoining I-15 near Temecula. Bus driving past Cleveland National Forest and Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, it would not be long before you have reached San Diego.

The scenic route via Mojave National Preserve

On this route one again take Interstate 15 south until your bus will reach Mojave National Preserve-enter it via Nipton Road and cut straight across the preserve. Once your bus is out then it will follow Kelbaker Road to the settlement of Ambay. From here your bus driver will follow Ambay Road all the way to State Route 62, right alongside Joshua Tree National Park. Then bus driver will follow the state route to the city of Plam Springs and when you are done there drive between Mount San Jacinto and San Bernardino National Forests all the way to Moreno Valley where two routes converge with each other.

Las Vegas to San Diego by bus

The bus trip time from Las Vegas to San Diego is around 7 hours and 15 minutes and covers a distance of around 554 km. The fastest bus usually takes 7 hours and 5 minutes. Operated by Flixbus USA, the Las Vegas to San Diego bus company departs from Las Vegas Downtown and arrives in San Diego. There is an immediate bus outbound from Las Vegas Downtown and incoming at Sab Diego.

Services depart fourfold every week and operate weekdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The earliest bus incoming in San Diego from Las Vegas starts at 3 am. Although, information regarding departure times may differ on weekends and holidays. You can use a search engine to get exact times for your planned travel date. The last bus trip departing from Las Vegas for San Diego starts at 11.45 pm. Yous should note that departure times may differ on weekends and holidays.

Bus timings from Las Vegas to San Diego

Here we provide bus timings that operate from Las Vegas to San Diego-

Bus Service                    Departure Time                Duration                                 Departure point                                                  Price

  1.     Greyhound                         06.45 am                         10 hours and 05 minutes         Las Vegas- South Strip Transfer Terminal                 $ 45.00
  2.     Tufesa                                 10.00 am                         08 hours and 30 minutes         Las Vegas-Tufesa Station S MLK Bd                            $ 72.00
  3.     Greyhound                        12.05 pm                          10 hours and 15 minutes         Las Vegas-South Strip Transfer Terminal                    $ 45.00
  4.     Greyhound                        04.10 pm                          09 hours and 40 minutes       Las Vegas- South Strip Transfer Terminal                    $ 47.00
  5.      Tufesa                               10.00 pm                          07 hours and 30 minutes         Las Vegas-Tufesa Station S MLK Bd                             $ 47.00
  6.      Greyhound                       11.45 pm                           11 hours and 30 minutes          Las Vegas-South Strip Transfer Terminal                    $ 45.00
  7.      Flixbus                               01.05 pm                         07 hours and 55 minutes         Las Vegas, NV-Downtown/S 1st St                                 $ 27.99
  8.     Flixbus                                 01.30 pm                       07 hours and 30 minutes          Las Vegas, NV-Caesars Palace/Strip                              $ 27.99
  9.     Flixbus                                04.10 pm                       10 hours and 15 minutes            Las Vegas                                                                              $ 45.00
  10.     Greyhound                        03.00 am                       10 hours and 45 minutes            Las Vegas                                                                              $ 45.00

 Places to visit in San Diego

Las Vegas to San Diego Bus

As we all know that San Diego is that the oldest city in Golden State, it is a fascinating natural beauty and a light Mediterranean climate with many sunshine that produces this place is perfect for outdoor adventures. A number of the city’s most far-famed holidaymaker attractions are the museums, gardens and Spanish Colonial vogue design found in Balboa Park, the globe standard San Diego menagerie and therefore the Midway flattop deposit. you must set up sightseeing during this wonderful town with our list of best places to go to in San Diego-

Balboa Park

It is a one-stop wonderland for tourists. Balboa Park is a 1400 acre site that encompasses museums, gardens and green areas. The park was created for the Panama Golden State Exhibition of 1915 to 1916 and therefore the most of the buildings stay from that exhibition. The predominant architecture is Spanish-style with low-rise buildings that mix in with the natural surroundings. With the highlights of the park are the facility and liliaceous plant pound, the deposit of Man, the Museum of explanation, the San Diego Museum of Art and therefore the popular San Diego Zoo. Notwithstanding that you never go into buildings, the park is simply a pretty place to explore.

Address-  1549 El Pardo, San Diego, California USA

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Gaslamp Quarter

This place is placed adjacent to Petco Park and therefore the Convention Center, the Gaslamp Quarter National Historic District is the hub of the city’s nightlife. Gaslamp Quarter may be an excellent spot to go to if you are searching for things to try and do in downtown San Diego. This place is fixed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Victorian buildings house buzzing venues, stylish retailers, art galleries a and restaurants serving all types of culinary art you can ever imagine from Persian food to dish.

This can be a good place to induce some live jazz, comedy and theater performances. This district runs for regarding sixteen blocks, from Great White Way to San Diego Bay and it is easily walkable however you will be able to additionally climb on bike taxis of your feet would like an opportunity. You must convey to the nice location that it is placed within the heart of the town. High-end hotels vary from dress shop properties like the Pendry urban center to massive whole properties like the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego brief stroll away from all the action.

Seaport Village

San Diego’s harbor Village may be a pleasant place to walk around and pay sensible quality time in a day. This village is found right the city district, this space of various retailers and restaurants on one amongst the city’s must-sees. Picnic tables, city district and beaches patios besprent throughout the world and weekends may be terribly busy.

Eclectic performances take of the platform often within the afternoons, children love riding the historic carousel with hand-carved picket horses. The area is well accessible on foot from several of the close holidaymaker attractions like the USS Midway, Since there is restricted and high-ticket parking at harbor Village because it can be best to park a bit distance away and revel in the stroll on the city district to the positioning.

Address- West Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway, San Diego, California USA

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is found on Coronado Island in urban center Bay. It is called the placement of the long-lasting edifice del Coronado that is placed well on the beach. The edifice and therefore the beach were the setting for the long-lasting Marlyin Monrow film Some love it Hot. The edifice currently a rarity assortment by Hilton property may be a giant earth resort that 1st open in 1888. This beach is that the mile and a 0.5 long that produces a brilliant wide beach space that is placed directly ahead of the edifice.

The beach is incredibly flat thus it is nice for skimboarding and therefore the bay is somewhat protected from the open ocean that the waves are little and it is a perfect place for walking and swimming. Your eyes are not taking part in tricks on your and this beach is incredibly shiny as a result of the high translucent substance contained within the sand.  Lifeguards are on duty throughout the daytime and there are each shower and loos obtainable. Parking is free on Ocean Boulevard that runs together with the beach.

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