Las Vegas to Phoenix Bus (Distance, Timings & Stop’s)

Las Vegas to Phoenix by bus, The Phoenix is a city that is also known as the Valley of the Sun and this place is home to more than 4.2 million people including the cities of Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe and Mesa. The area’s explosive growth over the last few decades has made it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the whole country. snug temperatures and sunny days play the main role from November to Gregorian calendar month, creating now the foremost pleasurable and illustrious time to go to.

Las Vegas to Phoenix Bus

Las Vegas to Phoenix Bus

There is a number of vacation resorts that are located throughout the valley and the most famous outdoor activities are hiking, golfing, hot air balloons and scenic day trips in to the nearby desert or to one of the nearby mountain towns. Downtown Scottsdale has always been an entertainment and shopping center with a focus on art and things trendy but these days downtown Phoenix and the Biltmore area continue to provide more and more to rate theaters, museums, sports events, restaurants and shopping centers.

The well-established suburbia of Glendale has been re-energized with the new Arizona Cardinal’s sports stadium and therefore the Phoenix Coyote’s hockey arena.  All the major professional sports leagues have Phoenix teams and in March every year Major League Baseball’s growing Cactus League spring training is a big draw for visitors and also for locals.

Lake Pleasant north of town along with the Salt River and Verde River reservoir system east and northeast of Phoenix offers you scenic mountain lakes very famous for power boating, water skiing and fishing are some others.  A number of Reservation casinos, greyhound tracks and horse tracks are also available both in town and on the outskirts of town.

Distance from Las Vegas to Phoenix

If you are underneath a time constraint then you will be able to blow over the bus from city to Phoenix in precisely five hours with a reasonably simple close to 300-mile drive. Along this quicker route, it practically does not matter what time you have left from Las Vegas as you can easily get to Phoenix that same day.

The driving distance from Las Vegas to Phoenix is 292 miles or 470 kilometers and therefore the period of time is around five hours and fifty-five minutes. counting on that route your bus can take from Las Vegas Depending on which route your bus will take from Las Vegas to Phoenix, one of these routes, the scenery is mainly a desert landscape, with historic towns, natural springs and trails along the way.

If you are wanting to expertise additional of the Arizona landscape, Roadtrippers will add additional picture spots that embrace the red rocks of Sedona and therefore the natural marvel that is Grand Canyon by taking the I-17 N. By adding a stop in Sedona, you’ll be able to expect your drive time to extend to 6.5 hours and adding a stop to the gorge can clock you in at nearly 10.5 hours. This bus trip could be a howling one to require if you’re coming up with on stretching it over the course of some days therefore you’ll be able to get pleasure from as of nature.

Las Vegas to Phoenix trip stops

Nevada State Railroad Museum

This is a defining moment in Las Vegas History was the establishment of the railroad. Visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum and explore the history of Nevada transportation or can take a ride on the excursion train. This museum is located at a distance of 25 miles from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Lookout

The Hoover Dom is an iconic Nevada landmark is one of the founding events in Las Vegas history. You must make a stop at the Hoover Dam Lookout and explore one of the most fascinating views of Lake Mead but while visiting this place you should be prepared for some traffic. This historic monument is located at a distance of 35 miles from Las Vegas.

Gold Strike Hot Springs

This place closed throughout the summer months because of heat, the Gold Strike Hot Springs square measures a beautiful stop for hiking road trippers. If you are doing not mind operating up a sweat on the last stretch from city to Phoenix and you must build a stop. These hot springs square measure situated on a distance of thirty-eight miles from Las Vegas.

White Hills Ghost Town

This Ghost city has twenty-seven miles of tunnels and fifteen mines, the city of White Hills was a flourishing silver mining city from 1892 to 1898. Currently, a town with a number of the remaining structures Associate in Nursingd remains an interesting scrutinize Arizona’s past. This White Hills town is found at a distance of sixty-one miles from Las Vegas.

Chloride Murals by Roy Purcell

In 1966, fine arts students Roy Purcell decided to take a break from school to become a miner. During this time, he painted 2000 square feet of murals called ” The Journey” an amazing artistic break from the monotonous desert drive. This place is located at a distance of 90 miles from Las Vegas.

Santa Claus, Arizona

This place was originally established in 1937 to be a Santa-themed town amid the desert, Santa Claus, Arizona was a North Pole oasis in the Southwest. Now a ghost-of-Christmas-past town, this bus trip stop will a captivating and different one. This place is located at a distance of 92 miles from Las Vegas.

Alpacas of the Southwest

This is one of the most effective places to require a halt and have lunch because it could be a fully-operating alpaca ranch in Kingman, Arizona. Whether or not you are simply stopping by to mention hi or organize for a tour, these friendly alpacas square measure unique pit stop. This place is found at a distance of 121 miles far away from Las Vegas.

Nothing, Arizona

The staunch citizens of Nothing square measure choked with Hope, Faith and believe the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated folks had religion is Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing”. This place is located at a distance of 182 miles from Las Vegas.

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

When you are in Arizona then you must experience life in the Old West at the Western Museum in Wickenburg. This museum offers you a look into Old Western culture from contemporary Western art exhibits to musical features to Western portrait photography. This museum is located at a distance of 233 miles away from Las Vegas.

Wickenburg Vulture Mine

If you are tucked away in the Sonoran Desert then you can have an abandoned settlement of Vulture City, The Vulture Mine was once Arizona’s most successful gold mine from 1863 to 1942 and it is now a famous spot to take tours and learn of Arizona’s history. This mine is located at a distance of 246 miles from Las Vegas.

 Las Vegas to Phoenix bus

Las Vegas to Phoenix Bus

On average bus ticket price from Las Vegas to Phoenix is Rs 37,25. The most effective thanks to realize low-cost bus tickets from Las Vegas to Phoenix is to book your bus tickets ahead. costs tend to rise as your travel date approaches, thus book as presently as attainable to urge the most effective deals. The number of buses from Las Vegas to Phoenix can be differ depending on the day to the week. On average, there are twelve buses operating on this route. Few buses run direct on this route, on the other hand, others have layovers. You bus trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix by comparing and choosing the bus that suits your travel style and budget.

Bus timings from Las Vegas to Phoenix

Here we will provide you a list of bus timings that depart from Las Vegas to Phoenix-

Bus service               Duration                     Departure time                        Departure point                                   Arrival point                        Fare

  1.  Greyhound          8 hours and 50 minutes            06.45 am                  Las Vegas, South Strip Transfer Terminal          Phoenix Glendale Ave                  $30.12
  2.     Flixbus              7 hours and 30 minutes            09.30 am                  Las Vegas, NV-Caesars Place /Strip                       Phoenix, AZ-Downtown            $26.99
  3.     Flixbus              7 hours and 10 minutes            09.50 am                   Las Vegas, NV-Downtown/S 1st St                       Phoenix, AZ-Downtown            $26.99
  4.     Flixbus              8 hours and 7 minutes               01.15 pm                   Las Vegas, NV-Caesars Palace/Strip                    Phoenix, AZ-Downtown            $29.99
  5.  Greyhound         11 hours and 10 minutes             04.10 pm                  Las Vegas                                                                   Phoenix, AZ                                  $33.00
  6.  Greyhound         15 hours and 30 minutes             04.10 pm                 Las Vegas                                                                   Phoenix, AZ                                   $33.00
  7.  Greyhound         14 hours and  40 minutes           05.00 pm                 Las Vegas                                                                    Phoenix, AZ                                  $33.00
  8.  Greyhound         10 hours and 10 minutes            04.10 pm                  Las Vegas                                                                    Phoenix, AZ                                  $33.00
  9.  Greyhound         16 hours and 30 minutes            04.10 pm                  Las Vegas                                                                    Phoenix, AZ                                  $42.00
  10.    Flixbus              15 hours and 30 minutes            02.30 pm                 Las Vegas, NV-Greyhound Station                         Phoenix, AZ-Downtown             $49.98
  11.  Tufesa                  05 hours and 30 minutes          05.30 pm                  Las Vegas                                                                    Phoenix, Az                                   $57.00

Best places to visit in Phoenix

Phoenix’s heat, dry climate attract sun-lovers and if you’re trying to flee the snow and cold throughout the winter months. Phoenix offers you superabundant arts and cultural attractions, historic neighborhoods, looking feeding and an excellent choice of resorts and hotels. A number of people and come here to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Golfing is one of the top things to do in this city but you will also find opportunities for hiking, camping, climbing and hiking.

Musical Instrument Museum

This is one of the largest of its kind in the whole world, with the collection of more than 6800 instruments from almost 200 countries and territories. Housed within the wonderful building square measure five permanent galleries that embrace the Geographic Gallery, the Artists Gallery, the Mechanical Music Gallery, the STEM Gallery and also the expertise Gallery wherever you’ll get pleasure from and play a number of the most effective musical instruments.

You can also see some master craftsmen at work restoring instruments in the Conservation Lab. This museum also hosts some special traveling exhibits and has a huge variety of Signature Events that showcases instruments and live music from countries around the whole world.

Address- 4725 E. Mayo Boulevard Phoenix, Arizona

Taliesin West

Taliesin West is located in Scottsdale and was the winter home, also the architecture school of the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Situated in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, the facility is now the international headquarters of the Frank Llyod Wright Foundation and the home of the Frank Llyod Wright School of Architecture.

This is a worthwhile addition to your Phoenix itinerary, even if you have only the smallest interest in architecture. The buildings were made out of native materials like rubblestone and redwood and however fully by Wright and his apprentices from 1937 to1959. Taliesin continues to be an operating college of design and you may see students adding the drafting studio.T

Address- 1234 North Taliesin Drive Scottsdale, Arizona

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