(Guide) SBI Credit Card (Apply Online) Tele & Physical Verification Process

If you are planning to get an SBI CREDIT CARD and Wandering How long does it take to get a credit card after verification?


Is it difficult to get an SBI credit card?

Then the blog will definitely Answer all your queries regarding SBI Credit Card Application Process

SBI Credit Card Status

SBI Credit Card (Apply Online)

It’s way easier to apply SBI Credit card than you think Simple SBI credit card apply Online and submit your details 

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SBI credit card Apply Online

As I Submitted my credit Card Application On SBI CREDIT CARD Website Online (Verify Details By OTP) on ADDHAR CARD,

I Get A SMS with SBI Credit Card Application No.

SMS Received Below

You have successfully submitted your SBI Credit Card Application No. 252661312****. To track the status of your application, visit https://sbicard.com/track-app/Y/252661312****. To view detailed information on the schedule of charges, please download the Key Fact Statement from https://sbicard.com/KeyFactStatement

Now, You can track your SBI Credit Card Status by using your application Number on the link SBI Credit Card Status

Note:- At this Stage Of your SBI CREDIT CARD Application you get response like below

SBI Card credentials as entered by you are incorrect. Please try again or call up the SBI Card helpline on 39 02 02 02 (prefix your city code) or 1860 180 1290, 1800 180 1290 (only for MTNL and BSNL users)

But, Need To Panic, This only means your application is under process

After your Credit Card Application gets approved you’ll see the updated status,

Application approval generally takes 21-45 Days

SBI Credit Card Status 2

After Appling Online, The next day you get a verification call

Sbi Credit Card After Verification Call

The call simply lets you know that your SBI Credit Card is processed successfully and they sent Someone from their team to verify your KYC Documents

The next day you’ll get another call from KYC Agent

Is biometrics required for an SBI credit card?

Yes! After Getting 1st Verification call, SBI Representative will get your biometric done by visiting your home or office At this stage, you’ll have to select what credit card are you going to get 

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SBI Credit Card Verification Document

The SBI Credit Card verification document varies from case to case, But In my case, as i already have HDFC CREDIT CARD, I only need to do my KYC just providing my ADDHAR & PAN Details, ALL the process is done ONLINE BY the Agent

AFTER successfully submitting the details, You’ll get an SMS updating your SBI Credit Card like below

Dear AKSHAY VERMA, Thank you for applying for SBI Credit Card. Basis your voluntary consent, we have successfully fetched your e-Aadhaar details from UIDAI.

SBI Credit Card Status 3

After Document Verification, You get a Physical Verification to your OFFICE / HOME 

SBI credit card physical verification process

SBI representative will visit your Home /Office and do the verification own they simply ask you some basic questions and that it SBI credit card physical verification process is done successfully 

After physical verification, you’ll get an SMS like Below

We have received your SBI Card Application. Pls, give us 11 working days to process your App.No. 2526613120****. The ANNUAL fee on Club Vistara SBI Card is INR 1499. You can track your application status online at www.sbicard.com

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How many days are required to get an SBI credit card?

After. All the Stages (4 Stages take 21 Days Approx) are Done, After Approval you get it delivered within 10-15 Days

What is the credit limit on an SBI credit card?

It Totally depends upon your credit score and bank decision


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