Delhi to Lansdowne (Bus & Train): Timings, Route & Fare

Hey! Are you planning a trip from Delhi to Lansdowne and Wondering! About Delhi to Lansdowne bus timings, fare and best route, then the article will surely help you in planning a trip hassle-free from Delhi to Lansdowne and clear all you doughts regarding How do I get from Delhi to Lansdowne by bus. 

If you are traveling for the very first time from Delhi to Lansdowne, Then Here’s some useful information for you about Lansdowne, that’s worth knowing before traveling to Lansdowne from Delhi.

Basic Information About Lansdowne

  • The distance from Delhi to Lansdowne is approximately 260km via Meerut Highway.
  • Lansdowne is the nearest hill station to Delhi, making it a popular weekend getaway.
  • Delhi is well-connected to Lansdowne via the National Highway.
  • You can reach Lansdowne from Delhi by car, bus, or train.
  • Lansdowne offers a variety of beautiful attractions to visit, including the renowned Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple, St. Mary’s Church, Tip and Top, and Bhulla Lake.
  • If traveling by flight, the nearest airport to Lansdowne is Dehradun Airport, which is about 165 km away.
  • The best time to visit Lansdowne is from March-August. Simply avoid the rainy season as it cause landslides. rest all the seasons are good to explore Lansdowne.
  • The weather condition in Lansdowne is pretty awesome throughout the year, in peak Summer Season Lansdowne only hit 25*C. That’s why Lansdowne is the perfect place to visit on Summer vacations from Delhi
  • As per my travel Experience, 3 days are more than sufficient from Delhi to Lansdowne trip to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Lansdowne.

Delhi to Lansdowne by (Bus & Train)

Delhi to Lansdowne

Nowadays, many travelers prefer to journey by bus. Not only is bus travel affordable, but it also offers unique insights into your trip and the various destinations you pass through.

Traveling by bus from Delhi to Lansdowne is a popular and cost-effective option for those who prefer not to travel by train. While most travelers opt for trains due to their affordability and convenience, buses offer their own advantages. In the article, you’ll also find information about train fares, timings, and the best routes from Delhi to Lansdowne for those who prefer train travel.

Delhi to Lansdowne by Bus

If you’ve decided to travel by bus from Delhi to Lansdowne, the first question that arises is:

How is the road from Delhi to Lansdowne?

The total distance from Delhi to Lansdowne is 260km by Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut – Mavana – Bijnor – Kotdwar – Lansdowne

The entire Road is pretty good, But sometimes you see little bumps on the road after Bijnor and the whole journey from Delhi to Lansdowne takes only 7-8hrs to complete by bus.

How do I get to Lansdowne by bus?

There is no direct Bus from Delhi to Lansdowne, But don’t worry! You can get a bus to Kotdwar from ISBT KASHMIRI GATE Delhi. There are more than 10 buses of UPSRTC are currently running from ISBT KASHMIRI GATE Delhi to Kotdwar. The minimum bus fare from Delhi to Kotdwar by UPSRTC bus is INR450/-. The frequency of buses from Delhi to Kotdwar is quite good.

Note:- Scrolling through Internet, I Get to know about a Direct bus running from Delhi to Lansdowne every Friday.


How to reach Lansdowne from Kotdwar?

 You have two options available to reach Lansdowne from Kotdwar i.e. either by bus or a cab. You get a decent number of buses running from Kotdwar to Lansdowne, So don’t worry about the bus timings. Also, you get a shared taxi from Kotdwar very easily which cost you the same as the fare of the bus around INR100/-. 

  1. Distance from Kotdwar to Lansdowne is around 40km
  2. Kotdwar to Lansdowne bus fare is INR90/-
  3. Kotdwar to Lansdowne Taxi fare is INR100/-(Sharing p.p.)

Delhi to Lansdowne bus distance

The distance from Delhi to Lansdown by bus is 280km. The Road is also very decent, Lansdowne is very well connected with National Highway from Delhi. It’s a 7-8 hours journey, Although, depending upon your bus operator the bus takes 1 halt in the way for tea and snacks

Delhi to Lansdowne bus route

The best route for Delhi to Lansdowne is

Delhi – Meerut- Khatauli – Bijnor -Najibabad- Kotdwar – Lansdowne

  1. Delhi to Meerut is 70km
  2. Meerut to Khatauli is 40km
  3. Khatauli to Bijnor is 50km
  4. Bijnor to Najibabad is 40km 
  5. Najibabad to Kotdwar is 25km
  6. Kotdwar to Lansdowne is 40km (There is no direct bus from Delhi to Lansdowne. So the bus you get from Delhi will drop you at Kotdwar. From Kotdwar to Lansdowne you have to take a bus or a cab to reach Lansdowne which hardly cost you around INR100/-)

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Delhi to Lansdowne bus timings

Here are the timings for UPSRTC buses running from Delhi To Lansdowne (Kotdwra), Buses from Delhi to Lansdowne (Kotdwar)

 Departure Arrival
6:00 AM 11:35 AM
6:30 AM 12:05 PM
7:00 AM 12:35 PM
8:00 AM 01:35 PM
10:00 AM 02:35 PM
11:00 AM 03:35 PM
01:00 PM 06:35 PM
01:30 PM 07:05 PM
02:00 PM 07:35 PM
02:30 PM 08:05 PM
03:00 PM 08:35 PM
03:30 PM 09:05 PM
04:30 PM 10:05 PM
05:00 PM
10:35 PM

Note:- Timings of buses might change depending upon the bus operator. So, it’s always a better idea to check through The official website of UPSRTC or simply call them to confirm the bus timings

Delhi to Lansdowne bus fare

  • Delhi to Lansdowne (Kotdwar) bus fare is INR420/- Ordinary Bus (UPSRTC).
  • Kotdwar to Lansdowne bus fare is INR 90/-
  • Delhi to Lansdowne Volvo Bus fare is INR1200/- to INR1700/-

(I don’t even travel in Volvo bus from Delhi to Lansdowne, So basically don’t have many insights about it)

Delhi to Lansdowne bus booking

You can book Delhi to Lansdowne bus ticket online, Simply by visiting UPSRTC Official website.

  1. Open UPSRTC ONLINE RESERVATION In your Web browser
  2. Hover to Bus inquiry Section
  3. Fill-In The Details (Leaving From-Destination-Travel Date)
  4. Click on Search Button
  5. You probably see 2 buses available for booking
  8. Click on Book Now
  9. Then a new tab will open, asking you to register or Continue as a Guest (Better to Register )
  10. Then add your details like Email & Contact Number
  11. Click next Select payment Method & Done the Payment
  12. Successfully, you have booked your ticket
  13. You might get an SMS & Email with your ticket details.
  14. Better to take a print-out of your ticket with you.

Note:- For more details do check-out Faq on the official website of UPSRTC.

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Delhi to Lansdowne train

Delhi to Lansdowne train

How do I get to Lansdowne by train?

There is no direct train to Lansdowne, Same as traveling by bus to Lansdowne from Delhi, You first have to take a train till Kotdwar from Delhi. Kotdwar is the nearest railway station around 40km from Lansdowne. There are 2 direct trains from Delhi to Kotdwar(Lansdowne). From Delhi, it takes around 7-8hours to complete the journey by train

Delhi to Lansdowne Train Timing

As we have discussed there are 2 direct trains from Delhi to Kotdwar (Lansdowne)

Gharwal Express (Departure Time:- 07:20 PM, Arrive at 3:00 AM)

Gharwal Express Route to Kotdwar


Gharwal express take around 8hours to reach Kotdwar from Delhi

Mussoorie Express (Departure Time:- 10:20 PM, Arrive at 6:00 AM)

Mussoorie Express Route to Kotdwar

Delhi-Ghaziabad-Hapur-Bijnor-Najibabad-Lakshar Junction-Haridwar-Dehardun-Najibabad-Kotdwar

Mussoorie Express takes around 9 hours to reach from Delhi to Kotdwar

Delhi to Lansdowne train fare

Delhi to Lansdowne(Kotdwar) Gharwal Express fare

Delhi to Kotdwar (Lansdowne) train fare (2S Second Seating) staring from INR150/-

Delhi to Kotdwar (Lansdowne) train fare (CC AC chair) staring from INR385/-

Delhi to Lansdowne(Kotdwar) Mussoorie Express fare

Delhi to Kotdwar (Lansdowne) train fare (Sleeper SL) staring from INR180/-

Delhi to Kotdwar (Lansdowne) train fare (3A AC, Three berths) staring from INR510/-

Best train from Delhi to Lansdowne

Mussoorie Express is the best train running from Delhi to Lansdowne(Kotdwar). Because Mussoorie Express starts around 10:20 PM

from Delhi Railway Station. That’s why it’s the best option for the working class. So that they can board the train on Friday night after their office, Simply Enjoy a full night of Sleep in Train and reach Lansdowne in the morning. Best Way to Utilize time and Enjoy your Weekend from Delhi. Also if you like to enjoy the toy train ride in India do check out Delhi to Shimla by Train

Delhi to Lansdowne train booking

As You know there is 2 train running from Delhi to Kotdwar and their timings, then half the work is done.

How to Book Train from Delhi to Lansdowne

  1. Open IRCTC eTicketing Portal
  2. Hover to Book Ticket
  3. Select, Delhi(NDSL) to Kotdwar(KTW) in (From & To) Section
  4. Select Travel Date
  5. Select desired Seat Class from (AC, Sleeper, 3A,2S)
  6. Select Catagory From (General, Ladies, Sr Citizen)
  7. Click on Search Button
  8. Then Choose from the train suitable for your timings
  9. Complete the Payment 
  10. Successfully you got your train Ticket in Your Email

Happy Journey!

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