Cosmopolitan Las Vegas MGM (Cozy and Beautiful Hotel Rooms)

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the more upscale, hip hotels on the Las Vegas Strip that has officially become a property of MGM Resorts International. The Cosmopolitan is the ultimate in chic, hotel, spa and luxury Vegas casino.

The Cosmopolitan is located in Las Vegas, right on the strip is where you want to be, in the heart of everything and even though Las Vegas is quite small it is still a fair distance to walk around. Cosmopolitan is located just right in the center of the strip, where you are surrounded by all your favorite casinos. The Caesars and Bellagio are on one side and the Aris on the other side and you can also the Flamingo, planet Hollywood, Treasure Island and Paris all opposite.

If you want to go out through the day to visit the other casinos, go shopping or head to a pool party in another hotel it is all within walking distance. At night if you are going out to one of the other casino clubs and bars then you are not going to walk in heels and you must know that taxis are not cheap in Las Vegas.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas MGM

The shorter the distance to everywhere you want to be the better. There is a downside to this though, taxi drivers in the United States of America charge you more if you are staying in certain hotels. You will always be charged more if you stay at the Cosmo as a five-minute taxi ride is better than a longer one.

For started this hotel is nicely placed right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip so the convenience factor is the key. You can even walk out of the back door of the Cosmo, walk up the Vdara and can take the short bridge that connects Bellagio and Vdara to eliminate being out in teh heat for to long.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is home to 3027 beautiful and stylish rooms and modern suites, this hotel is one of the only hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with rooms or suites that have a terrace. There are lovely Terrace Studio Premium Fountain View that has views of the Las Vegas skyline and the popular Bellagio dancing fountains.

The view was not only amazing to see at night but also breathtaking to wake up to. If you like to gamble the casino is one of the most famous in Las Vegas. It has a large 100000 square feet floor with glamorous floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful long crystal chandeliers. The service on the floor is top notch and you will never go thirsty as a waitress is always around the corner.

Cozy and beautiful hotel rooms

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Like most Las Vegas hotels, the rooms and suites at the Cosmopolitan are cozy and beautiful as they are designed to be more like a living space with a seating area and kitchen. There is also a vast marble bathroom and one of the very few Las Vegas casinos with balconies. The beds are so unbelievably comfortable but you do not sleep much in Las Vegas, you just do not need it.

If you are not a hardcore part person and even then you will be surviving on a lot less than normal night after night. You will sleep at the most random parts of the day too as evening naps before going out are a must and those are amazing for it. All of the rooms from a city studio to a full penthouse suite are designed with a modern luxury and flair feel. Some of the bugger suites have a lot of character to them, with quirky art pieces and statement features that you will find throughout the entire hotel.

The Fountain view

As I mentioned that the Cosmopolitan is one of the very few hotels in Las Vegas that offer you a balcony and it is built just right next door to the Bellagio, the balcony fountain view rooms have the most incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip and the Bellagio fountains. The doors are sound proof but if you are outside then you can hear the fountain music and can also see the panoramic views.

The Bellagio fountains are captivating every time you see them, the songs vary and they draw a huge crowd in every time. The fountain-view rooms there would play music directly into the rooms.

The Marquee Day Club and Boulevard Pool

Marquee Dau Club is the exclusive club at the Cosmo, which also serves as an addition to Marquee Nightclub in the evening. Throughout the day this pool party attracts a variety of DJs, this is an adult party has eight cabanas to rent all of which have their own private plunge pool. Ad hotel guests get a number of free entries per hotel room.

The Cosmopolitan hotel has a number of pool areas and there is a quieter one done out like a desert landscape known as Chelsea poll and then a much bigger day pool for hotel guests to relax in, with a spectacular view over the strip. The Boulevard pool is complete with cabana beds that you can rent for a fee for the day but there is plenty of normal sun loungers to sit at too.

There is a pool waitress and bar service and loungers actually in the pool to cool off while topping up your tan. Throughout the summer season, the Boulevard Pool also hosts “Dive in Movies” where you can watch a movie on the big screen while you watch from a long or float in the pool. The Boulevard pool is the largest with a multi-level sundeck and an upbeat atmosphere.


If you are staying in Las Vegas for a week then there is a number of restaurants in the Cosmopolitan to eat at a various one every night. And that is if you never venture anywhere else which of course you will. Other restaurants include Chinese, Italian at Scarpetta, Spanish tapas at Jaleo, Japanese at Zuma and a few optional for American and grills.

There is a casual cafe and a Starbucks for the day and a juice bar if you want something refreshing. Basically, all tastes are acted for and there are endless options and Cosmopolitan boasts of some of the finest chefs at all of their restaurants. It is not like typical food halls, each restaurant has its own vibe, atmosphere and decor, you will really not feel like you are in the same building.

You can also go out to other casinos for dinner. If you want to venture out of the Cosmo too then you can have some amazing meals at Mizumi at The Wynn which is also home to the prettiest cocktail in the world and Hakkasan at MGM.


The entire area of the Cosmopolitan is a work of art, from the outside glass look with lit-up purple lights darting across the balconies, to the inside which is a combination of sculpture, colors, clashing, eye-catching paintings and modern looks.

The check-in area and lobby itself have big pillars with digital displays changing their looks, the glitter and black marble is everywhere. There is a constant theme of reflections and mirrored panels, with pops of color and rich-looking velvets or fur details thrown in too. It is like a cross between a boutique and a boudoir that gives a completely over-the-top and glamorous look.

Chandelier Bar

There is a bar on the chandelier, the Chandelier Bar is stunning and located just right in the center of the hotel it is unmissable and the glittering, strands of glass span over multiple floors.

The bar itself is great for a pre or post-dinner cocktail and the bar staff is expert in their work. This place is a great spot for seeing the whole hotel and the people passing through it. The Chandelier Bar is one of the most popular spots in the Cosmopolitan.


The atmosphere and vibes of the Cosmopolitan are vibrant and buzzing. The constant pops of art and glittery theme and digital displays make it such as modern hotel and the place naturally attracts a younger clientele.

Not childish by any means, it is very sophisticated as compared to the Bellagio which has a much older vibe, it is a hotel that is ideal for a group of friends.

The gaming and casino area itself is huge and blends in with the whole look of the hotel. It is much more considered in terms of layout, the bright lights and noisy sounds of the slot machines are not such an intrusion on your visit to the hotel as they are on some of the other casinos in Las Vegas. They offer everything you would expect such as table games, private playing tables, sporting screens and slot machines.

Bond Bar and other bars in the Cosmopolitan

Walking into the Cosmopolitan from the street, one of the first things that you will be going to come across is Bond Bar, a cocktail bar located just right at the front of the hotel on the ground floor. It is a feast for the eyes with a  purple and pink theme and silver and black glittering marble.

This is a consistent theme throughout the hotel but it is brought out even more in Bond Bar. You can have a drink at the bar while waiting for somebody or before going off for a dinner reservation or a night out. There are four other bars in the Cosmopolitan, so you are not going to be spoilt for choice relying on the type of drink you want or the environment you want it in.

They keep up the James Bond theme, the Vesper bar is another good one that is located near reception, where you can see the crazy digital art displays dance across the pillars of the huge lobby while sipping on your ideally made beverage of choice.

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