What airport is closest to Galveston Texas? (Explained)

If you are a person who loves water activities and adventure activities, then you should give Galveston a visit. But there is a number of travelers who want to visit Galveston and ask what airport is closest to Galveston, Texas? Let me tell you a bit about this amazing vacation destination briefly, before coming back to your question.

Galveston is a famous place for its 32-mile long beach and there is a number of other beaches and water activities then you are going to love. Beach festivals and other competitions make the environment more enthusiastic. Other outdoor activities go on throughout the year in Galveston, although most of the people come in the winter season.

What airport is closest to Galveston Texas?

This place has a number of historical architecture and world-class museums that are worth visiting.  This place is a charming Southern retreat that is located just 50 miles from Houston. Galveston is full of art, chic boutiques, ghost legends and more that all are tucked within a quaint Gulf Coast barrier island. I recommend that you can also plan a summer vacation here.

In case, you are flying to the United States and landing in or around Texas then you must visit Galveston. Moreover, to enjoy your vacation, the important part is planning and figuring out the best route from your location. To make your planning easier we have listed the closest airports to Galveston, Texas.

Here is the list of airports that are closest to Galveston, Texas-

  • Scholes International Airport
  • Houston Gorge Bush International Airport
  • Houston William P. Hobby Airport
  • Jack Brooks Regional Airport
  • Lake Charles Regional Airport
  • Easterwood Airport

What airport is closest to Galveston Texas

Scholes International Airport Galveston Texas

Scholes International Airport is coded as GLS and this airport is located 45 miles southeast of Houston Texas via Interstate Highway 45. As a general aviation reliever airport, Scholes Internationa Airport serves as a valuable asset in meeting the requirements of businesses, private pilots, and aviation enthusiasts.

Some great attractions such as Moddy Garden Theme Park, Schlitterbahn Water Park and Moody Gardens Golf Course are located within the airport complex, a few away from the ramp, making Scvholes Air[prt your one-stop Galveston Island Adventure. The favorite spot for families, airport employees and aviation enthusiasts is an observation deck as it offers views of many types of aircraft as they land and takeoff. To enter the main terminal you have to walk through and out the second set of sliding doors. The observation deck will be to your left up a curved staircase. There are 2 picnic tables also available for your use so you do not have to bring lunch. From Scholes International Airport you will take only 15 minutes to reach Galveston, Texas.

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The airport is only 5.5 miles away from your vacation destination. This airport is spread over an area of 966 acres and has two runways. You can also go for a chartered flight as it is a convenient way to land at Scholes International Airport. VIP guests and celebrities visiting Galveston take a chartered flight to Scholes International Airport.

Houston Gorge Bush International Airport Galveston Texas

Houston Gorge Bush International Airport also known as Houston Airport that is located 23 miles north of downtown Houston, Texas. With more than 30 destinations in Mexico, Bush Intercontinental provides service to more Mexican destinations than any other United States Airport. This airport is the hub for Atlas Air and United Airlines. And a focus city for Volga-Dnepr Airlines. This airport has 5 terminals A, B, C, D and E. All terminals at the airport are connected vis the Skyway and the Subway.

Terminal A had gates from A1 to A30 that are located in two groups that are A1-A15 and A17-A30. Handles all non-United domestic and some united Express Flights. Terminal B serves all United Express Flights except International arrivals and it has gates from B1 to B88 divided into various concourses. The only airline operating at the terminal is United Airlines and Terminal C has numbered from C1 to C45 divided between South and North concourses. Terminal C serves as United Airlines’ main base of domestic operations.

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Houston Gorge Bush Airport Terminal D does not serve international arrivals at the moment, thus are served in Terminal E. It has 12 gates and this terminal is under renovation works until 2021. Terminal E is the newest and has gats from E1 to E24. Terminal E serves all United airlines international flights from all other terminals and some domestic operations. The Skyway is an elevated train that helps to connect all the terminals for those passengers with connecting flights, without having to re-enter security.

There is also an underground train that is Subway that connects all terminals and the hotel. To transfer form to Houston Airpot there are following means of transport are available such as bus, shuttles, taxis and car rentals. The METRO public transportation company provides several bus routes to and from the airport. A number of shuttle bus companies are available at your disposal. You can also book your car through their search engine.

Houston William P. Hobby Airport Galveston Texas

Houston William P. Hobby Airport was the main international one until the opening of Houston Gorge Bush Internationa Airport in 1969. Houston William P. Hobby Airport is coded as HOU. This is an international airport serving Houston, Texas, United States, Houston Airport that is located 11  km or 7 miles from downtown Houston. Houston William P.

Hobby Airpor is a focus city for Southwest Airlines. The top 10 busiest domestic routes from Houston Hobby Airports are Atlanta, Chicago-Midway, Las Vegas, Orlando, Austin, Dallas-Love, New Orleans, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix- Sky Harbor and Austin. Houston William P. Hobby Airport consists of the main passenger terminal that is divided into an international concourse and a Domestic concourse. This airport has several transportation options such as bus, taxi and car rental.

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Houston William P. Hobby Airport consists of a huge number of services and facilities such as restaurants and cafeterias, shops and duty-free, ATMs and banking services, currency exchange, shoe shine, AED, wheelchairs, baggage carts, skycaps, baggage wrap and battery charging spots. This airport is smaller and less crowded compared to Houston George Bush International Airport.

Galveston is 40 miles away from the airport and it will take you around 45 minutes to an hour to reach Galveston, so you can consider this airport if it suits your location. This airport is biometric, entry, stores and restaurants for convenience. You can also rent a car or hire a cab to reach Galveston. Ground transportation options are vans run by different hotels, shared airport shuttle services and taxis. The airport is also one of the nearest options available to reach Galveston.

Jack Brooks Regional Airport Galveston Texas

Jack Brooks Regional Airport was formerly known as Southwest Texas Regional Airport and is a publicly owned airport that is located 14 km southwest of the central business district of Beaumont, Texas.

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This airport is owned by Jefferson County and the airport serves the towns of Beaumont and Port Arthur. This airport is situated in Beaumont and it will take around 2 hours to reach Galveston which is 124 miles away from this airport. If you are visiting Galveston then you can first go to Beaumont and visit places around and then you can also rent a car to reach Galveston. So, you can plan your itinerary carefully after reaching your airport location.

Lake Charles Regional Airport 

Lake Charles Regional Airport offers you service from two commercial airlines, American Airlines offers non-stop service to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Unites Airlines offers non-stop service to the Houston Intercontinental Airport. The code for the airport is LCH. This airport is located in Lake Charles and serves commercial flights from intercity to interstate mostly.

To reach Galveston by road from Lake Charles Regional Airport you need a minimum of 3 hours as Galveston is about 180 miles away from the airport. If you are visiting Lake Charles then you can think of visiting Galveston as the journey by road is not too long.

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Easterwood Airport

Easterwood Airport is in College Station city in Texas it takes around 2 and half hours to reach Galveston which is situated around 145 miles away. If you are visiting College Station City then you can rent a car or a cab to Galveston. Easterwood Airport is spread over 700 acres and has two runways. American Airlines, as well as United Express, Operate from and to this airport.

Places to visit in Galveston Texas


You must check out our list of best places to visit Galveston Island and plan an ideal itinerary for your getaway-

1. The Strand

The Strand is one of the best places to visit in Galveston. You must visit these historic 19th-century homes to learn more about the history of Galveston, visit a museum and hop at one of the area’s Galveston boutiques. You may also socialize at one of the bars or stop by for a bite to eat at one of the mom-and-pop diners that are located along The Strand, a five-block historic that located nearby the pier.

2. Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is not a garden but instead a 242-acre entertainment complex that has many things to offer its visitors. This is one of the best Galveston tourist attractions and a favorite for locals. You can plan an entire day at the gardens if you want to experience all that is offered here. Some people deem this one of the more expensive things to do in Galveston and most do not mind the added expense since there is so much to see and do for everyone in the family.

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3. Schlitterbahn

Schlitterbahn is one of the top places to visit in Galveston and one of the most enjoyable stops on any itinerary. It is the largest waterpark in Galveston that offers you an amazing time for anyone looking to beat the Texas heat. Schlitterbahn is a summer tradition that delivers the best things to do in Galveston or the state. You can enjoy water coasters, water rivers and water slides here. You will find something for all ages at Schlitterbahn. Wave Lagoon is a famous attraction for Schlitterbahn visitors.


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