Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab @1500/- (Affordable Taxi Booking)

Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab, Morni is a small village a famous tourist attraction in the Morni Hills that is located in the Panchkula district of Haryana. The name of Morni is believed to derive from a queen who ruled this village once. Morni Hills is an offbeat place located at the foothills of the Himalayas at the lower Shivalik ranges of Panchkula.

This place is more likely to visit on a weekend trip. Morni Hills can be a good escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and can rejuvenate your life to move ahead. If you are dying for a mini-vacation then Morni Hills can be a perfect place for you, as travel always shakes you out of the funk workload puts you in. Traveling is also good for your health and soul. Today we are here for you, to take you to the pride of Haryana. Morni Hills attract travelers from Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana.

Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab

Tikkar Taal (Morni Hills) Trip

Morni Hills can be your quick getaways to look forward to. Morni Hill is located at an altitude of 4160 feet so you have to be prepared to forget about the tedious problems in life and should enjoy the wonder of nature at its best. However, this place was not very famous in the past but people found this place gem and now can not stop visiting after just one trip.

Distance From Chandigarh to Morni Hills

The distance from Chandigarh to Morni Hills is around 35 km. From Chandigarh to Morni Hills you can also modify source and destination as per your preference. The distance between Chandigarh to Morni Hills is perfect for a road trip and this place can be best explored with a driven cab. If you are traveling Morni Hills from Chandigarh by cab then you may stop at your convenience anytime and anywhere to enjoy your short break.

Route from Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab/ Taxi

The route from Chandigarh to Morni Hills goes via Nada Sahib Gurudwara. But this way, there is a lot of construction work going on this stretch so it can be dusty and bumpy. The road from Chandigarh to Morni Hills goes through a natural reserve. While you are going from Chandigarh to Morni hills there is just only one you and you ride and obviously monkeys, langurs, peacocks, parrots and if you are lucky enough then you can see a deer as well.

The road has a number of bends and turns which help you to keep your ride active but sometimes the forests are so quiet that can lose your sense of time and riding. You should stop and saw a glimpse of the valley. There are a number of spots where you can spend hours watching the valley and the best thing is that this all lies within Haryana but not in Himachal Pradesh.

Chandigarh to Morni Hills by Cab

The distance from Chandigarh to Morni hills can be covered in an optimal time with a help of a cab service. Traveling by can offers you small halts whenever you feel to add the comfort of your trip. You can take a cab from Chandigarh to Morni hill to take your trip hassle-free and to enjoy the maximum during your journey.

Taking a cab from Chandigarh will be an enjoyable experience you can take halts to click photographs and for sightseeing with your family and friends. Booking a cab ensures that your trip from Chandigarh to Morni Hills will be covered comfortably and in an optimal time.

Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab Services 

You can book your cab online and can find the best deals on your cab booking. But when it comes to planning a trip from Chandigarh to Morni Hills then first you need to figure out that how to get from Chandigarh to Morni Hills, a cab is always a convenient option. There is a huge range of best taxis the provide you a convenient trip from any part to reach Morni Hill.

You may also need a return cab, then there are a number of companies listed that give you special discounts if you book a round trip with them. They offer you a range of cabs that can be tailored to your solo or group requirements. There are cabs for office events and pickup services also available that can pick you up from hotels and airports to Morni Hills.

Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab Booking

Chandigarh to Morni Hills Cab

Here we give you the price list of some cabs from Chandigarh to Morni Hills to get the idea about the cab charges-

  • Toyota Etios [4 + 1 seater]- By this cab, your travel from Chandigarh to Morni hills costs you around Rs 1590 for one way trip and a round trip costs you around Rs 2800.
  • Toyota Innova [6 + 1 seater]- By this can your travel from Chandigarh to Morni Hills costs you around Rs 2300 for one way trip and a round trip costs you around Rs 4500.
  • Tempo traveler [11 + 1 seater] – By this can your travel from Chandigarh to Morni Hills costs you around Rs 3500 for one way trip and a round trip costs you around Rs 6800.

Best places to visit in Morni Hills

Here we provide you the list of best places to visit in Morni Hills-

  • Gurudwara Nada Sahib
  • Tikkar Tal
  • Adventure Park
  • Thakur Dwar Temple
  • Karoh Peak
  • Morni Fort

Gurudwara Nada Sahib- Gurudwara Nada Sahib is located at a distance of 17 km. This place has a significant meaning for  the Sikhs. The legends state that when Guru Gobind Singh was going to Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib he rested on his way and that place is known as Gurudwara Nada Sahib.

This place is pious and has a sacred environment that makes it one of the most visited Gurudwara in the country. Ghaggar- Harka river flows beside this Gurudwara and the pleasant sound of the river splashing against the rocks is nothing less than a meditative retreat. Located in between the range of Shiwalik Hills this place engulf you into a chaste aura and the serene ambiance of the valley will bring you closer to a supreme being.

Tikkar Tal Morni Hills- Tikkar Tal is a lake that is located at a distance of 7 km from Morni Hills. This lake is a place that boasts of its two man-made lakes. There is a hillock situated in between the lake and this hillock divides these two interconnected man-made lakes that are Chots Tal or Bara Tal.

This lake is lying amidst the hills and will give you a spectacular view of the hills. There are not many accommodations available in Tikkar Tal because of its less popular but it does not scare away the lovers of nature. You can avail of some cheap rooms here. This place is apt for you if you are on budget travel. Tikkar Tal is a place that is untouched by commercialization so this is a perfect place to be. The kids will love to visit this lake as this place offers you the most scenic view while enjoying camping here and there are some more activities that you can do here but only in summer the season.

Adventure Park- Adventure Park helps to boost tourism in Morni Hills. This adventure park is owned by the Government of Haryana. This place offers you a huge range of all adrenaline junkies, zipline, Burma bridge and climbing nets that are present in the adventure park. This park is apt for people who want to experience adventure activities while staying in the safe zone.

Small swings for kids are also available in this adventure park and a small cafeteria has also been set up here to satisfy your hunger. The entry fee of the adventure park is also affordable and you must have you good time here.

Thakur Dwar Temple- If you are a religious person then Morni Hills can be your perfect getaway, as there is a beautiful temple is located in Morni Hills and that temple is known as Thakur Dwar Temple.

The sacredness of this temple engulfs the hill station and turns the place chaste. Thakur Dwara Temple attracts a number of devotees throughout the year. This ancient temple has ancient stone sculptures and it is believed that Thakur Dwara Temple dates back to the time of Pandavas.

Karoh Peak- Karoh Peak is located on the border of two states that are Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. It is a must-visit place in Morni Hills while you are here. This mountain peak’s height is 4810 feet and there is no other mountain peak that is higher than this. If you want to do a fun trek up the hill but you must start this trek early in the morning and you will likely reach the top in 2 hours. But do not forget to stop to click some amazing photographs.

Morni Fort- If you are a history lover then Morni Hills can be your best place as there is a gigantic fort is located at the top of the Morni Hills. This amazing fort will give you a wide and complete view of Morni Hills. It is believed that this fort was built in the 17th century but now this fort is going to lose the essence of its ancient.

Lots of greenery is spread across Morni Fort and the beautiful view of trees and flowers add more peacefulness to the ambiance. There is also a temple located here that is adjacent to Morni Fort and that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple stands out in between the gloomy surroundings that are presented by Morni Fort.

Best time to visit Morni Hills

The best time to visit Morni Hills is the season of winter that starts from October every year. The weather in Morni Hills stays pleasant until April. I do not advise you to visit this place in the summer season because it gets way too hot.

But if you are in Morni Hills in the summer season then you must be armed with sunscreen and must drink lots of water so there can be nothing left that can stop you from enjoying your visit to Morni Hills throughout the year.

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