Chandigarh To Barog (Best Weekend Gateway In Nature)

Chandigarh To Barog (Best Weekend Gateway In Nature), As we know that mountains are the only respite when it comes to beating the scorching heat. The sun is becoming merciless as each day passing and people are searching for more and more weekend getaway options. But when it comes to the mountains most people plan their trips to Shimla, Dharamshala and Manali.

Chandigarh To Barog (Best Weekend Gateway In Nature)

These all places are at the top of the list when it comes to finding an ideal holiday spot in the summer season, offbeat destinations during this season have their charm. As offbeat destinations are less explored, are not touristy and have peace to be offered in plethora. These days people are not looking to move from one urban jungle to another even for a holiday.

So today we are going to talk about one more offbeat destination i.e Barog Valley. Barog Valley is located  on the foothills of Himalayan ranges, away from the hustle -bustle and crowd of popular destinations that lie this quiet little village. Barog Valley is a hidden gem located near Shimla that can be your next weekend getaway because of the cleanliness and quietness of the place. The local people of the Barog Valley are very humble.

Barog Valley is a small town that is located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh on the Kalka Shimla Highway. Barog Valley is located at an altitude of 1860 meters so this place experiences a chilly wind from the north that makes an ideal environment for everyone that visits this spectacular town.

The distance of Barog Valley from Chandigarh is about 60 km that can be covered in 1 and a half hour.  This small town is accessible by bus, by toy train and road. Barog Valley is a perfect place to visit for couples or it can be an ideal place for you also if you are looking for a break from mundane life. The temperature in Barog Valley ranges between 4 to 14 degrees Celsius in the winter season and around 25 degrees in the summer season. But rains can be unpredictable In Barog Valley so I suggest you carry an umbrella with you.

So, here we give you a complete itinerary to visit Barog Valley that will help you in planning your vacation.

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Best time To visit Barog Valley

Best time To visit Barog Valley

The best time to visit Barog Valley is  during the monsoon season. In monsoon season this small town witnesses rainfall from July to September. All the tourist attractions in Barog Valley during this time become more beautiful because of the rainfall. On the other hand, the winter season is quite cold as the temperature ranging between 2 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius so winter is not a pleasant time to explore  this beautiful destination.

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How to reach Barog From Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Barog By Road (Bus/Cab)

Barog Valley is well connected by road to major cities that are located in Himachal Pradesh. Barog is located at a distance of 22 km from Kasauli, 9 km from Solan and 59 km from Shimla. If you are visiting then you can either hire a cab or make use the public bus to any of the buses that are plying on this network of roads to reach Barog.

Chandigarh to Barog By Air

Jubarhatti Airport, Shimla is the nearest airport that is located about 58 km from Shimla. But if you are getting off at Shimla airport then you reach Barog  via road or rail.

Chandigarh to Barog By Rail

Barog Valley is quite accessible by trains. You can reach here from the toy train that is running between Kalka- Shimla.

Chandigarh to Barog Trip Itinerary

Chandigarh to Barog Trip Itinerary

Chandigarh to Barog Day 1

Chandigarh to Pinjore Garden (Breakfast)

You can start your trip from Chandigarh to reach Barog Valley but you can take a halt to have breakfast on the way. You also have an option to explore Pinjore Garden on your way from Chandigarh to Barog. Pinjore Garden is a quite popular place for amusement and leisure. The garden opens from early 7 am to 10 pm. This beautiful garden has fountains, zoos and Mughal style gardens, etc.

The Pinjore Garden is also known as the Yadavindra Gardens and this is one of the most visited places in Haryana. Yadavindra Garden was created by Nawab Fidai Khan in the 17th century. This beautiful garden has cool and shady places where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of  nature that is the creativity of humans. You will reach Kalka by afternoon and then your can take a cab or a bus to Barog which is an hour’s drive from Kalka.

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Kasauli (Hanuman Temple)

After that, you can visit Kasauli, Kasauli is a small hill station that is also located in district Solan of Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is an army cantonment. This small town is located 1927 meters above sea level. Kasauli offers you snow- clad mountain views, dense forest and a pleasant climate that makes this small town a major draw among tourists.

Hanuman Temple is an amazing example of a beautiful destination to visit in Kasauli. Hanuman Temple of Kasauli is named Monkey Point, Kasauli and this is one of the famous tourist attractions that are located in Kasauli. Thi Hanuman  temple is located at the highest point in Kasauli. The highest peak in Kasauli is Monkey Point that is located at a distance of 4 km from Kasauli bus stop. It is believed that when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after getting the magical herb that is called ”Sanjivani Booti” then his foot touched Kasauli hilltop and that is the reason this place is named  Monkey Point.

After reaching from Kasauli to Barog you should check -in your hotel. There is a number of hotels in Barog Valley that make your day better and let you enjoy as stay away from your home in the best possible way. Here I give you names of some best hotels that are located in Barog Valley-

  1. Hotel Barog Heights
  2. Valley View Barog
  3. Hotel Panchwati
  4. Purnam Residency
  5. Bhagya Hotel & Restaurant

Local Monasteries and Temple

After checking in to your hotel you can explore some local temples and monasteries that are located in Barog Valley. You can visit Dolanji Bon Monastery that is located on the Narag- Sarahan road. This monastery is a must- visit place in this small town if you are a peace seeker and want to experience true Tibetan culture. Dolanji Bon Monastery is run by the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Centre.

If you want to want to visit a temple then Jatoli Temple is one of the beautiful temples to visit in Barog. This stunning temple is located in the Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. If you visit this temple then you will see a lot of locals performing rituals at this temple as it is a holy place.

Local walk tour- You can also go for a local walk- in Barog Valley to explore the local markets of this small town.

Dinner in Hotel- Now you should return to your hotel and have a tasty dinner and should call for it a day.

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Chandigarh to Barog Day 2

Breakfast at Hotel

You should start your second day of vacation by having a delicious and healthy breakfast that gives you the energy to kick- starts your day ahead and helping you to burn calories throughout the day. A healthy breakfast also gives you the energy to gets things done.

Mohan Heritage Park Solan

While you are in this beautiful valley then you can not miss this beautiful place that is known as Mohan National Heritage Park. This is the oldest park located in North India that was created with the effort and dedication of a few people and is now thriving under the watch and supervision.

This National Heritage Park is located at Shakti Sthal on NH 22 amid Kalka and Shimla. You can enjoy exploring pass through grasslands, bird watching, glimpses of archaeological sites, clouds and sunshine and gorgeous landscapes of peaks. Mohan Heritage Park was built to promote Vedic Sciences in between younger generations and also to promote then about Indian culture. This beautiful park is an amazing initiative to rejuvenate the Vedic lifestyle. You can reach here by a number of transport means like car, train and bus.


After visiting Mohan Heritage Park you should have your lunch there are some heartiest items that you can have on your lunch are chock -full of lean protein, which also can help you to feel satisfied up until your dinner, you can have staples like chicken and salmon, rich dairy sources that include cottage cheese and yogurt and nutrients- packed add so you can add some seeds like legumes.

And then you can leave from here after having your nutritious and delicious lunch.

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Dinner at Chokhi Dhani Panchkula

On your way back from Barog Valley to Chandigarh, you should stop in Panchkula to have your dinner. Choki Dhani restaurant is the best restaurant in Panchkula to have a tasty dinner on your back trip. Choki Dhani restaurant is located in the Amaravati Enclave on Shimla- Chandigarh highway. The evening time of this restaurant starts from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm.

When you entered this restaurant then you will be welcomed with soft drinks that are followed by some pakoras and tea. There is a number of cultural programs are taking place here such as puppet shows, Rajasthani folk dances, magic shows, music shows and balloon shooting, etc. The main attraction of the restaurant  is Rajasthani food Thali that has Sigri achar, pappad, Makki ki roti, wheat roti, Dal, Gatta, salad, Allo curry, kadi, Rice, Bajra khichdi with sakkar and desi ghee, Dal bhati churma, galebi and lassi, etc.

The service and the staff of the restaurant  are very helpful and humble. If you are a food lover then you should visit Choki Dhani Panchkula to enjoy Rajasthani food and culture.

Back to Home- After having your super delicious you should leave for your home back.

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Tips for visiting Barog

  1. You should stress adequately for the trek.
  2. You should make sure that you carry enough water during the trek.
  3. The local people of Barog Valley are friendly with tourists, so you should  extend the same courtesy.
  4. You should not litter in either nature or near urban areas.
  5. Yous should stay close to your group while trekking.
  6. You should not forget to carry mosquito repellent if you are planning to stay in a camp.

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