(Review) Bird Park Chandigarh (Timings, Ticket & Attractions)

We all know that Chandigarh is one of the most famous cities in the country. Chandigarh is the capital of two states of the country, Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh is known for its clean roads and greenery. There is a number of tourist spots in the city which attract visitors.

Apart from poplar Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, Sector 17 and Rock Garden, etc., there are a few more additions to these spots and one of them is Chandigarh Bird Park. Chandigarh is the city that is nestled in the foothills of Shivalik and this place is literally a land where nature thrives.

Chandigarh Bird Park

The Department of Forest and Wildlife, Chandigarh has come up with something truly interesting and amazing for the residents as well as tourists. Now, in Chandigarh, you can walk through Aviaries at Nagar Van behind Sukhna Lake. The Chandigarh Bird Park was inaugurated on November, 16 by the first lady of India, Smt. Savita Kovind.

These two aviaries are a great addition to tourism in the city. If you are someone who is fascinated by the beauty of the nature and beauty of exotic birds then this state-of-the-art Bird Park in Chandigarh is the best place for you to spend some soothing and peaceful time.

There is a number of common birds you can find at this place like Black Swan, Cockatoo, Macaw, Wood Ducks and Lover Birds, etc. The idea behind introducing these aviaries is to spread awareness regarding bird conservation among the locals, especially the young generation as well as visitors.

These two aviaries are a big and great initiative by the Forest and Wildlife department which is now of easy access to all. The beautiful enclosures of the bird park are designed to keep the flight of the birds in mind. It offers 58 feet flying height with a total ground area what is around 200*150 feet.

The Chandigarh Bird Park is just remarkable and is built with the thought to create an ideal and natural habitat as possible for these birds. Chandigarh Bird Park is situated near famous Sukhan Lake and it is inclined to boost the tourism of the city as it is another famous tourist spot.

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Chandigarh bird park Photos

Bird Park Chandigarh

Bird Park Chandigarh

Bird Park Chandigarh Bird Park ChandigarhBird Park ChandigarhBird Park Chandigarh

The walk-through aviaries offer visitors a unique and exciting experience. In no time, this place watched the attention of both locals and tourists visiting Chandigarh.

If you are planning a day out at Chandigarh Bird Park near Sukhna Lake then you must check out a few things as follows

Meet the star cast Melanistic Pheasant, Dun Conures, Golden Pheasant, Black Swan, Budgerigars, Finches, African Grey Parrot, African Love birds, White Swan, Wood duck, Yellow Golden Pheasant and Green Wing Macaw.

Parrot Bird Sanctuary Chandigarh Photos

has two different aviaries for aquatic birds and terrestrial birds. You can check these two out whenever you visit Bird Park in Chandigarh. Both these aviaries are home to some of the most amazing and beautiful exotic birds. Small Aviaries Section house the smaller birds such as budgerigar and the love birds, Large Aviaries have separate aviaries for terrestrial and aquatic birds.

These two aviaries have an extensive range of birds and are said to have more than 1500 exotic birds of 46 various species. So if you are a bird lover then this bird park in Chandigarh, you do not have to go too far to check out different and rare bird species.

If you are in search of something to commemorate your trip to Chandigarh Bird Park near Sukhna Lake to check out the Exotica Souvenir Shop. From here you can purchase a few items such as t-shirts to gift them to your loved ones and keep the memories of a lovely day out at the bird park alive.

Once you are done birdwatching at Chandigarh Bird Park throughout the aviaries then I am sure you are hungry, But luckily at the exit point of the bird park, there is a cafeteria where you can have light snacks as well drinks.

There is a special enclosure that has been made for tamed birds where you can interact with the birds in close proximity. You can also take pictures and touch the tamed birds under the staff’s supervision.

There is a kid’s area with some slides and swings that your kids can enjoy.

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Navgraha Vatika in Chandigarh Bird Park

Is imbued with astronomical and astrological principles, the Navgraha Vatika embodies the positive vibrations of nine planets that circle human life.

Nakshatra Vatika Bird Park Chandigarh

The sculpture in between the garden is one of the most beautiful and majestic ones which fills you with awe and makes you feel humble before the superior powers in the space. According to Hindu astrology, every zodiac sign or Rashi ha sits its own related fauna and Nakshatra Vatiks is a garden that is dedicated to it. Dhaak is associated with Leo, mango is with Pisces and Jamun is with Taurus.

Chandigarh Bird Park is famous for

There are more than 550 exotic birds of 48 various species available to explore in the very first phase of the bird park. There is greenery all around the bird park and it is spread over the land to make the birds feel at home. In the big area of the bird park where birds are being made captive, they still can fly from one place to another because there is a big and open space in the bird park.

There are a number of species of aquatic and terrestrial birds in various compartments and the tracks are constructed in the bird park where you get a feel of the hilly area. The motive of the bird park is to provide, restoration, preservation, nutrition of birds and also to [provide bedding to endangered or extinct birds in the country.

Chandigarh Bird Park is doing an amazing job to offer ideal habitat for all the exotic birds. Besides Chandigarh Bird Park there are various sections for your enjoyment.

Chandigarh Bird Park Ticket Price

  • For adults, the entry fee is Rs 50 per person.
  • For children, the entry fee is Rs 30 per child (children from 5 to 12 years).
  • The entry fee per foreign adult is Rs 100.
  • The entry fee to the Tamed section for adults or foreigners is Rs 500.
  • No cash payments are accepted here you can pay online.
  • Entry for school students of Union Territory along with accompanying teachers on their education trip is free, although, one needs to take prior permission from the Department. A maximum of 30 students and 2 teachers are allowed in Chandigarh Bird Park in a day from one school.

 Chandigarh Bird Park Timings

Chandigarh Bird Park is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, the bird park is closed for visitors for maintenance and resting of birds. The timings of the bird park can be revised are per the weather conditions.

How to reach Chandigarh Bird Park?

Chandigarh is a small but well-connected city from all over the country. Chandigarh Bird Park is located next to the famous Sukhna Lake so it is easy to reach here through a well-connected network of buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws. Chandigarh Bird Park is 6km away from I.S.B.T sector 17, 7 km from Chandigarh railway station, 10 km from I.S.B.T sector 43 and 21 km from Chandigarh International Airport.

Best time to visit Chandigarh Bird Park

The best time to visit Chandigarh Bird Park is from November to March when the weather is cool. At this time, your eyes can catch these birds during the morning time as they are more at in the morning. In other months, the weather remains humid and hot which is not suitable.

Is the camera allowed in Chandigarh Bird Park?

Yes, a camera is allowed inside the bird park and you can take beautiful pictures of these exotic and wonderful colorful creations of mother nature.

Other Top Nature Parks in Chandigarh

  • Garden of Fragrance- Garden of Fragrance as suggested is popular for its fragrant plants like Mehndi, Raat ki Rani, Haar Shingar, Champa, Motia, damask rose and varieties of jasmine. This park has a beautiful landscape that offers a delightful walk for its visitors.
  • Rock Garden Chandigarh
  • Leisure Valley- Leisure Valley is one of the most and attractive tourist attractions that are located in Chandigarh. This beautiful place is located in an eighth km long linear stretch that covers a large part of Chandigarh. Leisure Valley is also known as the lungs of Chandigarh city, as this garland of gardens not only adds beauty to the city but also helps to keep the city clean and pollution free. Leisure Valley is the only valley in India that has set up different kinds of themed gardens in the entire city.
  • Bougainvillea Garden- with 50 varieties of bougainvillea on showcase, this grade establishes in 1976 and this garden is spread over 20 acres. This popularity of the garden lies in its varied shaped bougainvillea arch, pavilions, a cluster of bowers and arcades. The annual Bougainvillea festival is the major attraction of the garden.
  • Garden of Silence- Garden of Silence is situated in Bhagwanpura, Chandigarh. As the name of the place suggest that this garden is a meditative space that houses a huge idol of Budhha. The garden swears by its name and it offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for meditation in between the lush green surroundings with a beautiful view of the Shivalik Ranges in the backdrop of the garden.
  • Cactus Garden- Cactus Garden is located in sector 5 Panchkula and this garden is spread over vast areas of 7 acres. This garden is also known as National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre and was established to protect and preserve the dying species of cactus. Currently, Cactus Garden boasts of housing around 500 varieties of cacti.
  • Rose Garden- The famous Rose Garden of Chandigarh is located in sector 16 and this garden exhibit around 825 varieties of flowers and 32500 varieties of trees and medicinal shrubs. Rose Garden is also known as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden after the former president of the country.

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