Best Portable Speaker (Under Rs1500): High Bass, Mic & Strong Built

Hey! Are you looking for Best Portable Speaker (Under Rs1500) With Qualities like High Bass, Mic, Strong Built & Waterproof!

Wondering! Which is the best mini speaker? with all the qualities, Then the article is for you to make a wise decision based on my personal experience to buy the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

Let me just make it clear to you that all the reviews about Best Portable Speaker (Under Rs1500) are based on my personal experience with the product.

When I am planning to buy a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. There are a lot of questions, that are coming to mind regarding,

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Which portable Bluetooth speaker is best?

As We know that in an Online portal like Amazon there are more than 1000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker to choose from and I am getting confused about which one is the best from them.

Although my budget is Under INR1500, But still I want the best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for me that works for at least 2years.

Now, By searching on different online portals like Amazon & Flipkart and comparing me then 20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. I forget that what I am looking for in a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Then I write down some basic features that must-have in the Portable Bluetooth Speaker which I am going to buy! Let’s discuss the features,

How do I choose a portable speaker?

Strong Bilt Quality

If you are going to spend INR1500, Then make sure your Portable Bluetooth Speaker must have a strong Built. So that, If somehow it gets slept from your hand or just drop down from the wall. Then it should be able to bear that kind of load and protect itself from completely break down into pieces.

High Bass

High bass is the most demanding feature, That should not be ignored because It’s the only reason for which I am going to purchase a Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Although my mobile is sufficient for me to play the song at the decent bass quality.

Built-In Microphone

It’s one of the most demanding features you should consider while buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Because you just don’t want the hassle to disconnect, Your mobile from the Portable Bluetooth Speaker to answer the call. It’s very much convenient to have a built-In Microphone in your Mini Speaker, So then you can answer your calls on the go without the hassle of disconnecting and then reconnecting with a Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Waterproof Portable Speaker

Yes! Your Portable Bluetooth Speaker must be waterproof. If you are going to spend around INR1500 it should be Waterproof. If you are one of the famous bathroom singer kind of person, Having a waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a must. I am just not asking that the Portable Bluetooth Speaker must be 100% waterproof, but it should be able to protect the Speaker from at least water Splashes.

Louder Sound Quality

I think that’s the far most one of the features we are planning to buy a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Right?

Although we have the Smartphone that can play songs for us at decent sound volume. But we need something to enjoy songs in a much louder voice. that’s why we are planning to buy the Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

So make sure the speaker you are going to buy must have Louder Sound quality

Crystal Clear Sound

We simply don’t want our Portable Bluetooth Speaker to play the song with disturbing noise in it after a certain level of volume, so that’s why having a Crystal clear sound is a must-have feature in our Mini Speaker.

High Playback Time

A high Playback time of around 10hours is the main feature that we must expect from the Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Simply we don’t want a Portable Bluetooth Speaker whose battery drain after every 2-3 hours. So, It’s a must to check the playback time for your mini speaker before buying it!

So, If you are looking for all the features mentioned above and Wondering!

Which is the best portable speaker to buy?

The best Portable Bluetooth Speaker, That I found after all the research is Boat Stone 200 3W. It’s the best Compact Bluetooth Speaker that offers every feature, you might wonder to have in your Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Also, Boat Stone 200 3W is the best mini portable speaker with the loudest sound quality under INR1500.

Features In Boat Stone 200 3W

  • Battery 1500mAh Get full Charge in 3 hours 
  • Songs Playback time of up to 10 hours
  • Bluetooth has a maximum 10m range
  • Audio Input Supported via AUX 
  • 3W RMS Output 
  • IPX6 marked water-resistant (Waterproof)
  • Microphone for receiving calls 
  • Dust & shock resistant 
  • Comes with Stylish carrying Strap 

the best portable speaker to buy?

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Now, Let’s discuss some of the Interesting questions you might be wondering about the Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Is a Bluetooth speaker worth it?

Having a Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a must. It helps you spend some quality time with yourself listening to music without using your headset which slowly but surely going to infect your ear’s in the long run. Also If you are traveling with a group of friends for a simple trek like Manali to Jogini falls, Portable Bluetooth Speaker will surely help you enjoy your trip more than without having it.

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker is more than worth it for a content creator, who likes to create youtube videos, blogs, creative art & content writers it helps them to stay focused and more creative in their work.

What speakers are better than Bose?

Bose is a premium company, Which creates a high-end Portable Bluetooth Speaker and headset. But it’s out of my budget, I seriously think spending that much on a mini speaker is not worth it for me. If you have that kind of money you can surely go with Bose. Although you like to have a decent speaker under INR1500 then better to go with Boat Stone 200. 

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker with a mic?

If your budget is under INR1500/- Then stop joggling and Simply go with Boat stone 200 without having a single thought in your mind its the best Portable Bluetooth Speaker with a mic. I am using Boat Stone for around 1 year now and it works absolutely perfectly.

Which boat Bluetooth speaker is best?

Boat Stone 200 is the Best Portable Speaker (Under Rs1500) With Qualities like High Bass, Mic, Strong Built & Waterproof!

I am definitely sure it’s worth every penny you spend upon buying it!

Which is better Bluetooth speaker JBL or boat?

JBL is a well-known brand in the industry of headset and Portable Speaker. JBL Bluetooth speakers are definitely better, But they are a little bit costly than Boat. You can get a perfect Boat Portable Speaker loaded with full of features under INR1500/- and for the same type of features in JBL you have to spend almost double the amount or some time triple.

Which boat speaker is best?

Boat Stone 200 3W is the Best Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Under Rs1500) With some awesome features like High Bass, Mic, Strong Built, Shock Resistant & Waterproof!. It’s really worth having it.

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