Best Cafes in Shimla (Rooftop Restaurants With View) Mall Road

Shimla is the only hill station that we all have been to at least once in our lives. For school trips, family vacations or weekend getaways with friends, this place seems to fit the bill no matter who you are going with. Shimla is one of the most obvious choices whenever an average Delhiite mentally goes that the hills are calling and mostly because of its easy accessibility.

As famous as the queen of hills is for breathtaking views and pleasant weather and it is also an every growing hun of great eateries. Lets us take a look at some of the famous and best cafes in Shimla that are becoming increasingly famous.

Best Cafes in Shimla

If you are looking for modern cafes-style food or a more traditional, local fare then Shimla will spoil your choice. You can find a delightful combination of charming old eateries and hip, Instagram-worthy food joints. Shimla is a place where some things is available for every kind of traveler.

Shimla is a place that offers you a great range of cafes in which you will get some delicious food in a nice welcoming and comforting environment and you must not miss some extraordinary views. If you want to take a heartwarming breakfast and spend some quality and relaxing time then you must visit these famous cafes on your next visit to Shimla.

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Best Cafes In Shimla Mall Road

Best Cafes In Shimla Mall Road

Cafe Sol (Famous Restaurant in Shimla)

Cafe Sol is located at the famous Mall Road Shimla. It is a pleasant place that offers you a huge number of food items from around the world. At this cafe, you will have your favorite salads with a proper combination of fresh vegetables and fruits along with a flavorful and perfect seasoning. Its special dish is “Caesar Salad with Grilles Chicken” which is served with fresh lettuce along with oregano croutons and parmesan cheese. This delicious Caesar dressing is particularly famous.

If you are a seafood lover, you must not miss a chance to taste its grilles fish, accompanied with the finger chips that are spicy along with semi-roasted vegetables. The fish in this restaurant is cooked with a bit of tangy flavor. Cafe Sol is popular for its classic prawns in Shimla and this is a famous prawn preparation is prawns with hot garlic sauce with the herb butter accompaniment.

You will love to have the Turkish Pita Platter, roasted vegetables, Pita pockets and other Turkish snacks that are served with a combination of dips such as hummus and tzatziki are also the items that you must have at the cafe. The Vienna Espresso in addition to the mind-blowing smell of your favorite coffee that is freshly ground can be a great option. Cafe Sol is located on the opposite side of the Tourism Lift at Mall Road, Shimla. This cafe is open from 10 am to 11 pm.

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Hide Out Cafe Shimla Mall Road

The famous Hide Out Cafe is located in the heart of Shimla within a small distance from the famous known Mall Road. It is not a very old cafe but it has become quite famous for its fascinating menu as its Sweet Corn Soup is so creamy and appropriate to have on the rainy and cold evenings. You will love to taste the Fried rice with Manchurian at Hide Out Cafe.

You can also go for Fries chicken or panner dumplings or momos that are in a very creamy and thick gravy, this can be your perfect side dish. Some other highly recommended dishes are pasta, chicken rolls, egg wraps, garlic bread and their plain as well as chocolate doughnuts are satisfying items.

You can also go for a special early breakfast with a platter of an omelet, a cutlet, roasted tomatoes, grilled toast and a dip. If you want a vegetarian breakfast then they will substitute the omelet with a vegetarian dish.

Hide Out Cafe is located on the first floor, shop number 30 at the Mall, adjacent to the fire station.

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Rooftop Cafe In Shimla Mall Road

Wake and Bake Cafe

Wake and Bake is a blue and yellow-tinted cafe that offers you a view of bustling mall road, it is a two-story cafe that offers you a wide variety of food that includes both Indian and continental. The entrance of the cafe is through a small staircase by which you ride into this clannish cafe. This cafe is located with easy access you can pay a visit here for hearty breakfasts.

The staff members of the cafe are exceptionally respectful and will improve your experience by adding to it their own ideas. The seating area of the cafe is additionally adorable and it also has a little overhang sitting on the amazing rooftop. Food is a bit costly here although on whole it is great. So, you must visit this charming cafe in case you are feeling drained by strolling here and there on the Mall road.

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Wood Street Cafe Shimla

Wood Street cafe in Shimla is a new kid on the block but gaining popularity very fast. This cafe is situated in Lakkar Bazzar with really attractive decor. In this cafe, you will get scrumptious food with its amazing and quick service. If you are foody then Wood Street Cafe is one of the best cafes in Shimla.

The decor of the cafe will connect well with the youngsters as each table of the cafe is done up quite adeptly, with supporting wall art. So going here would not be reasonable.

If you are searching for a romantic place, you must bring your loved ones here as this cafe will charm them for you. You should try tandoori momos, hamburgers and fries. Overall the cafe is amazing and you should not miss this out on your next visit to Shimla.

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Cafe Under Tree Resturent In Shimla

If you are in search of a place that is not only easy on the pockets but also offers you delicious food then Cafe Under Tree is the best cafe for you. It is the highest cafe in Shimla that is situated near Jakhoo Temple.

The cafe is pretty awesome with its great ambiance and is vegetarian-friendly. The inside area o the cafe will grab your attention as it furnished with wood. This vegan cafe gives you a unique dining experience with its amiable staff members.

If you talk about the food then their menu is not so different but you will appreciate hot cocoa, pats and an assortment of food drinks. You will be amazed that all these amazing food items are available at affordable prices.

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Indian Coffe House Shimla

I hope that you remember that Indian Coffee House that once came in the news after Pm Modi paid a visit to the cafe for a quick bite and a cup of coffee during his visit to Himachal. It is an extremely old place in Shimla that serves filter coffee and south Indian food at affordable prices. This cafe has a vintage vibe due to its blackboard and old leather chairs.

This is the place where you would expect to find the locals converging to talk about the daily news with a newspaper and a cup of hot coffee. If you want to have an old-fashioned cup of coffee then you must visit India Coffee House which is still so endlessly charming.

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Honey Hut Cafe

Honey Hut Cafe is situated near the Khadi Bhavan and they have managed to stand out from the hustle and bustle of the Mall Road, Shimla. They have pulled off the feat of serving everything honey and this is what exactly attracts the travelers to this cafe.

From their Honey Turmeric Latte to Honey Chilly Mushrooms, everything on their menu has honey in some form or the other. So, if you are in search of some lip-smacking things that are served with a healthy twist then you must head down to this cafe. This cafe was set up back in 2008 and has become amongst the best cafes in Shimla.

I recommend that you must taste their Honey Cappuccino with their Honey Butter Toast. They also have a store that offers a range of honey-based items, so you must check out their items. Honey Hut Cafe is located near Khadi Bhavan, Middle Bazar, Mall Road, Shimla.

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Places to Eat in Shimla Mall Road

Cafe Simla Times

Cafe Simla Times is situated on the iconic Mall Road, Shimla and every element of the cafe has been carefully created to radiate an artistic or creative vibe. Be it the vintage car that makes you reminisce about the 90s era, paintings on its walls that bring Shimla to life or the cafe scores full marks in terms of decor.

There is a reason why this cafe is amongst the best cafes in Shimla because of its ambiance and food items. They are serving an eclectic mix of six cuisines since 2015 and the cafe ladles out some of the tastiest wood forced govern desserts and pizza.

So you have to check them out, this cafe is coupled with a scenic view of the town’s skyline. I suggest that you must visit this cafe at least once.

Cafe Argyle House

A lot of you might take the lift to reach Mall Road, as soon as you come up via the lift you will see a cafe that is Cafe Argyle House. This cafe is housed within a 150-year vintage building from the British era.

In case, you are looking for q quick grab then you must pay a visit to this cafe and taste their extraordinary food. From soups to coffee and pancakes, everything here is super tasty. Usually, this cafe is busy on the weekends so if you have to wait for a few minutes to get served, do wait because it is going to be worth your time.

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Best Restaurants and Bar In Shimla

The Devicos Restaurant & Bar

The Devicos is one of the famous cafes in Shimla as this cafe offers you the entire range of cuisine right from Indian, Continental and even Chinese. This cafe is renowned for its nighttime ambiance.

The Devicos Restaurant & Bar offers you the party atmosphere right in the heart of Shimla. It opens from 10 am to 11 pm on all days of the week.

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