Which airport is closest to Siesta Key Island?

Siesta Key is located in the Gulf of Mexico and it is a tourist island in Miami famous for its beaches, resorts, playgrounds and restaurants. Siesta Key Island offers sandy beaches with clear waters like Crescent Beach, Sarasota Beach, Turtle Beach, Sunset Beach and Siesta Beach. Ted Sperling Nature Park and Mangrove Tunnels is a naturalistic place with activities like hiking, trekking, kayaking and biking. Lime Lake Park and Pinecraft Park also have lush green parks and trails with waterfront areas for swimming and boating. The Siesta Key Farmers Market at Ocean Boulevard is a local market that sells freshly grown vegetables and fruits.

Which airport is closest to Siesta Key Island?

They also have handicraft items. The water is shallow near the shore and there are lifeguards throughout the year making it an excellent beach for families with kids. If you like more rugged terrain, you must visit Point of Rocks at the island’s southern end. You should climb the sea wall, watch the local wildlife, or go fishing and shelling. A little further along is Crescent Beach, an ideal place to rent some equipment and go paddle boarding, jet skiing and snorkeling.

You can also rent a boat for the day at the Siesta Key Marina and if you want to c change from all the water-based sports you can rent a  bike, a Segway or a scooter from one of the local operators and tour the area. You also can visit Siesta Key Village located on the north end of the island. It has souvenir stands and specialty boutiques offering the latest in beachwear, bookstores and a range of dining options. Visitors to Siesta Key Island like to rent a car or bring their own. If you are not driving then you will find that many areas are pedestrian friendly and a trolley service is available.

You can take you to pick from a wide range of accommodation with everything on offer from campgrounds to luxury hotels when you are deciding where to stay. No matter where you decide to stay though, call ahead to book because of the areas that get busy, especially in the summer season.

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What airport is near to Siesta Key Island?

Siesta Key Island

When you are visiting the beaches of Siesta Key then you may be wondering how best to get there. Particularly, if you are flying, there may be some dilemmas on how to get to Sarasota and the surrounding areas. There are several airports near Siesta Key, but some need a bit more of a drive than others. So, I am here to make it easy to find your way from the airport to our stay. The airports that are located near Siesta Key are –

  1. Sarasota/ Bradenton Airport
  2. St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport
  3. Tampa Airport

Sarasota/ Bradenton International Airport

To find the closest airport to Siesta Key, start with the closest airport. It may seem confusing, but there are a number of pathways in and out of Siesta Key. Nearby cities of Siesta Key are Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton and Fort Myers, etc. Each place has a distance from Siesta Key that makes it more accessible than others.

The closest airport is Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport which is coded as SRQ. This international airport is located 11 miles from the city that takes around 25 minutes to reach Siesta Key by car. You will get a rental car or your can call for transport from one of the many options. Depending on your accommodation choice, there are many shuttles or rides also available to Siesta Key. This airport is coded as SRQ and was built in 1957.

There are various domestic and international airlines that operate from this airport. Out of them, the airline brands that operate more frequently are Unites American Airlines, Delta and EI AI Israel Air. Additionally, the most famous sector from SRQ are Bradenton Sarasota to Atlanta, and Bradenton Sarasota to New York with 1786, and 445 weekly flights respectively. This airport is located between the cities of Sarasota and Bradenton.

The airport has 2 runways, the longest runway measuring 9500 feet. Facilities at the airport support a full range of commercial and general aviation aircraft. General aviation accounts for most of the airport’s operations but its variety of airline options helps to fuel demand for commercial aviation as well.

The airport serves a mic of personal, leisure and business-related travel. The Civil Air Patrol and forestry services regularly use the airport for patrols, while news reporting aircraft often refuel at the airport. The Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force all use the airport to conduct military exercises, The airport occasionally hosts community events and is often used as pre-hurricane starting areas. The airport has 3 fixed base operators that offer services for general aviation pilots. The majority of the airport’s on-site tenants support general aviation activity. The remaining airport tenants include restaurants, gift shops and other businesses that support commercial airlines and commercial passenger travel.

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St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport

As a starting point for the closest airport to Siesta Key Island, St. Petersburg/Clearwater is not a bad choice. You can fly into this airport and use SuperShuttle for larger groups. Dick’s Driver Service is one of the luxury options to try or you can also ride service companies and car rentals. It will take around one hour and 10 minutes to get to or from Siesta key. This international airport is coded as PIE. PIE is approximately 10 miles north of downtown.

The airport has 2 active runways, the longest measuring 973- feet. The airport is one of the fastest growing in the national. More than 2 million passengers passed through the airport in 2017, contributing to the airport’s impacts associated with visitor spending. The airport supports a range of aviation activities, including commercial service, general aviation, cargo and military aviation. Military facilities include an Army Reserve Facility and the U.S’s busiest Coast Guard air station. PIE provides direct commercial flights to more than 60 destinations and low-fare service.

The airport also has three on-site flight schools that offer flight training and career education. PIE supports the local community by regularly hosting Honor Flights for military veterans, blood drives and food drives. In addition, the airport offers a workplace mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Clearwater High School’s Aviation and Business programs.

Tampa International Airport

To drive from Tampa Airport to Siesta Key Island is around one and half hours to the beach. Tampa Airport is one of the furthest airports and it is easiest to head onto George J Bean Inbound Parkway, which is followed by the Outbound Parkway to the ramp for FL-60E. This international airport is coded as TPA. The airport is located 6 miles west of Tampa downtown and there is only one landside terminal and 4 airside satellites.

Tampa International Airport is a hub for Silver Airways and a focus city for Breeze Airways and Frontier Airways. . TPA is the 4th busiest airport in Florida in terms of passenger traffic. The top destinations for TPA are US Cities or airports such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Newark, Dallas, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Denver and Detroit, etc. This airport consists of a unique Landside terminal surrounded by four Airside satellite structures A, C, E and F. Each Airside connects to the Landside Terminal through an elevated people mover.

Airside A has gates 1 to 12 and 14 to 18, Airside C had gates 30 to 45, and Airside E has gates 62 to 75 that handle international flights. It has Duty-Free and regular shops, The facility includes one airline lounge such as the Delta Airlines as Sky Club. Airside F has gates 76 to 90 that handle international flights, It has Duty Free and regular shops that includes 2 airlines lounges. At TPA airport you can get the services such as restaurants and cafes duty-free, an information desk, wheelchair assistance, tours and educational programs, elevators, WC, mobile charging areas, chapel, spa, smoking areas and public art program.

Things to do in Siesta Key

Play Beach Volleyball

When you are at Siesta Beach you must grab a volleyball and some friends and hit a few.  It is a fun way to get some exercise while taking a break from the water and the crowds. These volleyball courts are located near the southern end of the Siesta Beach parking lot.

Ride the Siesta Key Breeze Trolley

It runs from the Village to Turtle Beach and will pick up or drop off anywhere along the route. The Siesta Key Breeze Trolley website says it runs every 30 minutes but you could find it was more like every 10 minutes. You must be prepared to hop on the last trolley of the day at least 30 minutes early so you will not be stranded. If you have a hotel or vacation rental right on Beach Road/ Midnight Pass Road, then it is an easy way to get around the area.

You really do not even need a rental car for this vacation if you plan to stay on Siesta Key Island. Full of singing and shopping, this area is a cool spot on the island. It is busy with vacationers and locals alike, enjoying the quaint town square. You can also take a walk around the village and find the ideal spot to eat, check out an art gallery, hang out in the village circle or can grab a souvenir for your loved ones.

Mangrove Kayaking

Located in Lido Key, this kayaking experience is like no other, You will kayak through the mangrove tree tunnels at Ted Sparkling Park and nature preserve. You can also bring your own kayaks or can take a mangrove tour with knowledgeable guides. You should spend some time on the water, it is easy to row and not too intense of a workout. You can also plan a tour or afternoon over on Lodi key. You can watch for wildlife as you kayak your way through mangrove tunnels.

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If you like to do extreme sports of high adrenaline activities then parasailing is an ideal activity for you. There are several parasailing tours and spots to choose from when in the area. You will depart from Sarasota or Anna Maria Island and you can get gorgeous views of the Gulf.


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