Which airport is closest to Lake Tahoe?

If you are looking to float on fresh powder in the Sierra, looking for a family adventure or craving a night of comfort and luxury. In that case, the enjoyable experiences in Lake Tahoe are limitless. basking in its 300 days of sunshine, Lake Tahoe is a haven for outdoor fun every season. Kayaking, windsurfing and swimming are famous in the summer season while epic snowfall makes for spectacular skiing in the winter season. If you prefer indoor fun then there is plenty of that in Tahoe.

Which airport is closest to Lake Tahoe?

With 24-hour casinos and a flashy nightlife scene, this place has a tangible Las Vegas vibe. A sprinkle of bling, if you will. Since Lake Tahoe straddles the border between Nevada and California. South Lake Tahoe is known as the adventure capital of the spectacular Lake Tahoe region. This is a place where you can enjoy sandy beaches, ski resorts, hiking trails and nightlife amid breathtaking natural beauty. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful, deep blue lake that is nestled among mountain peaks.

This lake has a depth of up to 1600 feet ad the mountain peaks are in the 8000 to 10000 feet range. In the summer season, boating, hiking and camping are famous activities and in the winter season, winter sports are famous. Lake Tahoe has been a tourist destination since the turn of the 20th century when steam trains and developing roads made it possible to visit this place with ease. In 1960 Winter Olympics were held at Squaw Valley, a famous winter sport at Tahoe.

You can see views of Lake Tahoe from the Homewood Chairlifts and can see the mountain valley on the hike up the Emerald bay hiking trail. You can also see the hillside letters which are marked on several mountain ranges throughout Nevada. The closest is the “C” in Carson City and these letters are rumored to be used by pilots who are flying over the planes and use them as directional guides but they are a representation of a number of Nevadan school’s pride, who have placed these letters on hills for centuries. Most of these letters still remain and have been taken care of by farmers.

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Which airport is closest to Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe

You should beware of bears and do not fee them. Do not leave food or food wrappers in your car. Must beware of other wildlife as they may defend themselves if threatened, carry rabies or themselves be in danger by your close presence. Snowstorms blow in quickly and can cause power outages, especially in remote locations and blocking of roads with several feet of snow that may fall in a single night. You should bring some extra food and always carry chains in your car a the road restrictions can come up quickly.

Lake Tahoe itself is not served by a major airport. But you have several options for finding airports near Lake Tahoe such as

  1. Reno-Tahoe International Airport
  2. San Francisco International
  3. Sacramento International Airport
  4. Oakland International Airport

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is coded as RNO which is the closest airport to Lake Tahoe with just a 45-minute drive away to North Lake in clear conditions. This 34-mile drive will take you on a scenic drive over the Mount Rose pass at an altitude of 8260 feet. Conditions can be very snowy in the winter season and you may need an all-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires or you will need to carry chains.

The other option is to lead on highway 80 to Kings Beach but this is a longer drive. RNO airport is named after the City of Reno, Jessa L. Reano and Lake Tahoe. This airport has a single-passenger terminal. RNO is an international airport that serves Reno, Washoe County, Nevada.

It is located 3 miles or 6 km from downtown Reno. It is a focus city for Aha! The busiest domestic routes from the Airport are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix -Sky Harbor, Lake City, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, San Diego and Tacoma. At this international airport, you will find services such as restaurants and cafes, shops, vending machines, airport mailers, ATMs, free local calls, luggage carts and wheelchair service. From RNO airport you can use several transportation services including shuttle buses from airport, taxis and you can rent a car at Reno Tahoe Airport which is a good option.

Sacramento International Airport

The second airport to Lake Tahoe is Sacramento International Airport. This airport is coded as SMF which is 2 hours and 120 miles from the lake. When driving, you will have 2 options on how to get to the lake. The first is highway 50 which will lead you right to South Lake Tahoe and the other is to take highway 80 which will get you to Tahoe City and Kings Beach in the north. SMR airport serves the Sacramento area, California and this airport is formed by two terminals.

SMF offers transportation through North America. This airport is the main getaway to Yosemite National Park, Napa Wine Country and Lake Tahoe.SMF is located 10 miles or 16 km Northwest of downtown Sacramento. The top ten destinations from this international airport are Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Orange County, Ontario, Burbank and Portland.

This airport has two passenger terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B. Sacramento Airport offers services such as restaurants and cafeterias, shops, duty-free, luggage and ATMs. SMF has at their passenger’s disposal the means of transportation such as there are a number of bus options from the airport, you can get a taxi and can rent a car in SMR airport to move around.

San Francisco International Airport

If you are coming in from an international destination or are doing a cross-country flight, the closest major airport to Lake Tahoe is San Franciso International Airport. This airport is coded as SFO.

This will leave you 3 hours and 40 minutes and 210 miles away by car from San Francisco. Serving as the only maintenance center for United Airlines, the SFO is the world’s 21st busiest airport and the 7th busiest in the U.S. This airport is owned by the City and County of San Francisco. This airport is a hub for Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. The airport has 4 terminals that are 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are 7 concourses with a total of 115 gates that are arranged alphabetically in a counterclockwise ring.

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 handle domestic flights. The International Terminal handles international flights and some domestic flights. There is a museum that was created in 1980 as a collaboration between the San Francisco Airport Commission and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and was the first museum in an international airport.

The AirTrain is a landside people mover system that connects the terminals of the two international terminal garages, the BART station, the Grand Hyatt hotel, the airport’s Rental Car Center and the Long Term Parking garage. The AirTrain is fully automated and free to ride. BRAT (Bay Area Rapid Transit) serves the airport at SFO station, located west of the International Terminal. The nearest Caltrain station, Millbrae station, is one stop away from BRAT.

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Oakland International Airport

This is another international airport that is closest to Lake Tahoe. This is a good choice for flights with the U.S as the fares to this airport can be really food from some destinations. Oakland International Airport is coded as OAK. Oakland is a slightly shorter drive at 3 and half hours than the San Francisco Airport with is nearly the same amount of distance at 200 miles for the trip.

Oakland International Airport is owned and operated by the Port of Oakland and has long been associated with innovation and achievement. They continue to build on this proud legacy as they embrace today’s market challenges.

They spare no efforts to make the travel experience as safe, comfortable and seamless as possible. For starters, they have the best on-time arrival and departure rates of the 5 Bay Area airports. Oakland International Airport now offers more destinations than ever before. Expansions such as new carriers, exciting international and domestic routes, and customer-focused terminal upgrades offer travelers even more choices and more reasons to fly to Oakland International Airport.

Attractions and things to do at Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay State Park

A small sheltered section on Lake Tahoe’s western shore, the Emerald Bay State Park is surrounded by forested hillsides glacier-carved granite and dotted with a small islet at its center. The bay is shallower than the rest of Lake Tahoe, the waters take on a striking blue-green color. A Scandinavian-style castle overlooks the shimmering waters of Emerald Bay.

Vikingsholm is a unique example of a historic Lake Tahoe summer vacation home.  Access to Vikingsholm is via a stereo one-mile pedestrian trail. You can take a tour of the castle’s interior in the summer season, from Memorial Day weekend through September.

Hiking at South Lake Tahoe

Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate Lake Tahoe for its natural splendor. Some of the most beautiful hiking spots are trails near South Lake Tahoe. These lakeside and lake view trails provide rejuvenating alpine scenery and invigorating workouts.

This is a picturesque and family-friendly hike, the Cascade Fall Trail is an easy 2 miles loop from Bauvoew Campground to Cascade Falls with sensational vistas of Lake Tahoe along the way. The Fallen Leaf Lake Trail is a gentle jaunt from the Fallen Leaf Campground to a peaceful lakeside spot and then a walk along the lake’s shoreline.

Alpine Skiing

In the winter season and in the spring season, Lake Tahoe is a world-renowned destination for alpine skiing. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are known for their extensive terrain, sunny weather and powdery slopes.

The famous of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts are Squaw valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held and Heavenly with 4800 acres of gorgeous ski terrain with spectacular lake views.

Lake Tahoe Boast Cruise

A boat cruise on Lake Tahoe is a relaxing and breathtaking experience. While gliding through the glistening azure waters, passengers will admire the glorious scenery of refreshing pine forests and snow-covered Sierras Nevada mountain peaks. A number of local companies offer scenic cruises or boat tours of Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, South Shore, West Shore or Emerald Bay.



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