What airport is closest to Disney World? (Nearest)

The first thing that comes to your mind when your think of Disney World resort in Orlando is theme parks but between water parks, world-class resorts and dining are some other things that you will find at this place. Disney World features attractions based on stories and characters that are created by Disney Company.

Following the success of Disneyland near Anaheim, Disney began searching for a place for his second theme park. In 1965 they purchased 43 acres or 17 hectares of barren land in central Florida. Disney Worlds opened in 1971 to great success. By the early 21st century it has developed to encompass 47 square miles and 122 square km including four theme parks- the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, two water parks and a number of hotels, restaurants and shopping complexes. By the turn of the 21st century, the Magic Kingdom is the resort’s most famous park that attracts more than 17 million visitors per annum.

What airport is closest to Disney World?

Trip planning is one of the important things to smooth start and once your flight tickets to Disney World are booked then your next step is to decide which airport you want to fly into. It takes most sense to first consider the airport that is located closest to Disney World, so you can get to your destination sooner.

Which is the closest airport to Disney World?

So, the answer is that the closest airport to Disney Worlds is the Orlando International Airport which is referred to as MCO and is located in the Southeast of central Orlando. This airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the state of Florida, with around 40 million passengers traveling through its terminals every year.

This airport features an expensive lobby area for travelers who are waiting for their flights and convention space, a number of bars and two restaurants, including a signature restaurant on the top level overlooking the airport and runways. This airport is typically the main hub for travelers to Disney World Orlando and other theme parks in the Orlando area.

Disney World lies between an 18 to 25 minutes drive away in good traffic or between 16 and 22 miles. That is if you take a direct route from MCO or Orlando International Airport to the park itself. The easiest way to get from the airport is Disney World by car but you can either catch a taxi whilst you are there or pre-book your transfer before you leave for your trip to Disney World.

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On the other hand, you could also look into car hire, so you are able to access a vehicle for the duration of your visit. In case, you are staying with Top Villas for your Disney World vacation then you can also hire or transfer in advance. You can even choose to be collected from the airport and have a car left for your use.

If you are driving yourself then are two routes from Orlando International Airport or MCO to Disney World. The main route and the quickest one is the FL-528 E, which takes you through the city of Orlando. This is an ideal way to go if you want to get these as soon as possible. You will also catch glimpses of the city on either side of you and will pass close to a Target and Publix, which is ideal if you want to indulge in some shopping before you get to your accommodation.

And the other alternative route is the FL-417, which has tolls. This route runs around the outside of the main sections of Orlando and passes by Gatorland. If you fancy a stop to o something a little on the wild side then this route is best for you.

Disney’s Magical Express is a complimentary service but it is unfortunately only accessible to guests who are staying at Disney Resort. The service needs a reservation that must be made before arriving at Orlando International Airport or MCO. All guests have to be listed on the room reservation to be able to use this service. In case, you are staying at one of the resorts near Disney then you are not able to use this service but you can use some services such as free transportation to the theme park, etc. Your best bet would be to arrange a cab or transfer to reach the Disney World theme parks.

Airports that are located near Disney World

airport is closest to Disney World

There is a number of more airports that are located within reaching distance of the Disney World parks and if Orlando International Airport or MCO for whatever reason is not suitable then you can choose from the following airports

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Orlando Sanford International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport is located to the North of Orlando and it is located between a 43 to 50-minute drive through Orlando, to Disney World towards the South. Orlando Sanford International Airport is referred to as SFB. This is the most user-friendly airport in Central Florida. It offers airlines and passengers alike all the facilities of a major airport without the crowds, hassles or delays.

You will enjoy convenient access to Orlando’s World Class attractions and the World’s Most Popular Beach-Daytona Beach, both are located 50 minutes away or less from Orlando Sanford International Airport or SFB. As is Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral and New Smyrna Beach. At this airport, you will enjoy a stress-free environment, convenient parking, new terminal and parking facilities, short walking distance and attractive pricing. Airlines serving Orlando Sanford are Allegiant, ViaAir and TUI.

Daytona Beach International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport is located closer to the coast to the North of Orlando. This airport is coded as DAB.  You can expect up to an hour and a quarter drive to the Disney World Parks, in case, you are taking a direct route in good traffic. This airport is the gateway to Central Florida that links the world-famous Atlantic Ocean beaches and the Daytona International Speedway with Orlando attractions, Kennedy Space Center and historic St. Augustine. At this airport, you can make an arrival in Dayton Beach as pleasant as staying here.

You can fly directly into this airport via Delta and American Airlines throughout the year with seasonal non-stop flights via American Airlines from Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington Reagan National Airport. With comfortable seating areas in the terminals, no long queues at security and easy access to mental cabs, you will be in and out quickly giving you even more time to enjoy the area. This airport is only a few minutes drive from most oceanfront hotels which makes it one of the most convenient options to choose.

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Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne International Airport is as MLB. This airport is located on the coast close to Plam Bay and is founded in the Southeast of Orlando. The drive from Melbourne International Airport to Disney World takes around an hour and 20 minutes in good traffic. This airport is modern, fast and friendly that is located 25 km away from Melbourne’s CBD.

Melbourne International Airport prides itself on ensuring travelers are provided with the best possible level of service. If you are planning a night at the airport before your flight and you have special needs or have specific luggage needs then Melbourne International Airport can accommodate your requirements.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is located in Tampa and it is coded as TPA that is situated Southwest of Orlando. You just need an hour on the most direct route to the Disney Worlds parks. Forget about flight traffic and looking for a parking spot at this airport. At Tampa International Airport you do not need to worry about all the headaches associated with getting to the airport and travel with confidence by scheduling a private vehicle.

You have to choose from a three-person sedan or a five-passenger SUV. And just sit back and relax as a professional driver drive you from any downtown Tamps, Busch Gardens, Saint Pete Beach, Brandon, Sun City Center or Clearwater accommodation to get all the Tampa airport departures 24*7.

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Things to do at Disney World

We have listed the best things that you should not miss in each park and we are focused on the best things to do at Disney worlds for adults and older kids but suitable for the entire family.

Space Mountain

Magic Kingdom’s one of the most thrilling rides is a high-speed rollercoaster in the dark with a number of twists and turns. As you are on this ride you never know what is coming next. This ride is indoors inside a huge futuristic structure and there is a number of interactive games that keeps you occupied in the queue.

Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain is a  fun outdoor rollercoaster that is situated in the Frontierland of the park with its Wild West theme. But Thunder Mountain is not as wild as Space Mountain. At Thunder Mountain, you are in a runaway mine train during the Gold Rush and the views of the themed park.

Splash Mountain

They have a real soft spot for cheery Splash Mountain and it is certainly one of the best rides at Disney World. This leisurely log flume ride will tell you the tale of Br’er Rabbit who goes off in search of adventure with Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox in pursuit. Splash Mountain is mostly inside with cute animatronic characters and songs, prior to going outside for fun drop down a 5 story waterfall. There are seldom queues for this ride in the morning or evenings you can ride it multiple times.

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Dining package

Dining packages are Hollywoods Studio’s wildly famous dinner and show package. You will first eat a delicious meal at one of three select Hollywood Studios’ table service restaurants,  then you skip the queues and head directly to your VIP seating. There you will see its colorful waterworks, dazzling firework displays and a host of Disney Characters performing in front of you. Dining Packages are some of the park’s best dining establishments.

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