What airport is closest to Destin Florida?

If you are planning your journey to Destin, Florida then you are probably most interested in accommodations, activities and dining. I know that all these elements are important but they cannot be accessed until your find reliable transportation.

And if you are like many travelers, flying is your best bet for avoiding a long drive. But the sad news is this the top airline are not take you directly to Destin, Florida.

What airport is closest to Destin Florida?

You have to travel a bit to reach this coastal city. So, what you miss out on is immediate access but you can make up for it with sheer variety, as a number of excellent airports are available within a small radius.

These locations boast access to top airlines, with flights headed to hub cities across the country. As I told you that there is a number of airports in Florida to choose from but here is a list of airports that can get you closest to Destin, Florida.

VPS Airport Destin Florida

VPS is often referred to as Northwest Florida Regional Airport which is located at 1701 State Road 85 North, Eglin AFB, FL 32542. This airport is located in Eglin AFB but it is situated around Valparaiso. You can also get there by searching for Valparaiso airport on Google Maps. If you are flying domestically then this airport is by far the best airport to reach Destin, Florida from. It will take around 16 minutes or 33 miles to reach Destin from VPS airport.

Although it is not located in Destin it is most definitely the Destin Airport. If you do not count the Destin Executive Airport then this is the closest airport to Destin Florida that flies commercially. VPS Airport also offers you a number of rental car agencies such as Alamo, National Hertz, Dollar, Destin Jeep Rentals, Enterprise, AVIS and Budget. But the great way to tour Destin, Florida is in a Jeep. I suggest you check out Destin Jeep Rentals at VPS Airport. They are excellent and locally owned. There is a number of options to take if you prefer to get a taxi to your destination.

Northwest Florida Beaches, International Airport (ECP)

The Northwest Florid Beaches International Airport code id ECP. The Panama City Beach airport, ECP is situated at 6300 W Bay Pkwy, Panama City, FL 32409. This is also a small airport like VPS, ECP is another airport that runs only domestic flights and this airport also offers you a limited range of airlines to choose from. The driving distance is 52.2 miles and that takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Destin, so a bit further than VPS and Pensacola but it is a great option if you are planning on staying in 30 A as there is Seaside, Grayton Beach and Watercolor, etc. You can also go for all ground transportation which includes rental cars, buses, taxis and limos that are available here.

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What airport is near Destin Florida

Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport

The airport code for Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport is PNS. This is a much larger airport than VPS Airport and Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. This airport has 20 non-stop flights.

If you do not mind the drive to Destin from here which is around 52 miles that take 1 hour and 25 minutes then this is a great airport to travel from. Ground transportation options are also available here. You must take note that Destin Jeep Rentals also offers Jeeps from Pensacola.

Destin Executive Airport Destin Florida

Destin Executive Airport is located at 1001 Airport Road, Destin, Florid a32541. The airport code for this airport is DTS. Destin Executive Airport is also called Coleman Kelly Field and it is the smallest and most unique airport on this list. This airport is primarily composed of private aircraft and it is considered a general aviation facility.

It is quite expensive to fuel up and there is a fee to land there. There is one FOB at this airport and you will also have to pay an extra fee if you decide not to buy fuel. If you decide to fly into Destin Executive Airport then it is located just right in the middle of central Destin, Florida. From there, it is the only short drive to Destin Harbor. From here you can also visit Harborwalk village.

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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Destin Florida

I am sure that you are wondering why I include an airport that is located in Lousiana that is really far from Destin, Florida. So, I have to say that you are right as it is located around 260 miles or 4 hours and 14 minutes far from Destin but it is the closest airport to Destin that runs international flights.

In case, you are coming to visit Destin, Florida from out of the country then this airport will be the best option for you. Atlanta is also one option but Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is going to be your best and closest option if you are traveling from London, Punta Cana, Frankfurt, Cancun, Montego Bay and Panama City.

The closest international flights to Destin, Florida are located at Louis Armstrong International Airport. Ground transportation information for the New Orleans airport can also be found at this airport. The airport for this airport is MSY.

Tallahassee International Airport

The Tallahassee International Airport is situated around 150 miles or more than 2 hours driver from Destin, Florida but it remains the transportation hub choice for a number of Emerald Coast tourists. Its appeal lies in the variety of carriers and flights it offers. Top airlines include Delta and American here.

A variety of domestic routes are available here but the majority of this airport’s passengers come from Charlotte, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta. While a number of visitors choose to drive rental cars between Tallahassee and Destin, bus and shuttle services are also available here. Passengers also enjoy to access to limited pre and post-security dining options and business centers with workstations and WiFi.

Mobile Regional Airport Destin Florida

Like the Tallahassee International Airport, the Mobile Regional Airport needs a significant drive for Destin visitors. Still, it can be a worthwhile option for those on the hunt for non-stop flights from hubs like as Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta and Houston. The terminal is decidedly small but that appeals to a number of vacationers, as access to baggage and rental cars tends to be streamlined as compared to other airports.

In spite of its small size, the Mobile Regional Airport offers you a variety of facilities that are associated with larger terminals. From shoeshine stands to children’s play areas, the airport’s offering appeal to a huge variety of passengers. Visitors are particularly fond of Quizno’s hop, which is the company’s only location in the city of Mobile.

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airport is closest to Destin Florida

If you are in Destin, Florida for a great vacation then this city offers visitors optimal weather conditions year-round and a lot of amazing sightseeing excursions. Destin is a place that possesses a special type of charm that distinguishes it from other parts of Florida.  So, we also have compiled an awesome list of the best and most fun things to do in Destin, Florida just for you.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Seeing some amazing wildlife is one of the best things to do in Destin, Florida. At Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, you can interact with observe all kinds of aquatic wonders. If you want to see how incredible dolphins then you need to come to this attraction. The encounters with aquatic wildlife are arguably the best part of going to Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

Some of these attractions include stingrays, dolphins, turtles and alligators. These are great activities for learning about various sorts of animals. Going to Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is one of the most fun things to do in Destin if you are with your family or friends. This adventure park is open from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

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Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park is an opulent attraction that will appeal to you if you want to bring your love for nature and recreation together. With the Gulf of Mexico nearby, Henderson Beach State Park announces itself as one of the most amazing parts of Destin, Florida. You also have a number of things to do around the park, from lying in the sun, catching fish and going for a swim.

If you find this place good then you can also go camping here. Destin, Florida is one of the most beautiful and must-visit places in the United States. In case, you are looking for spectacular points of interest in Destin then you must come to this park. You can enjoy some of the most amazing things and fun activities in Destin, Florida.

Big Kahuna’s Water Park

If you love water then you are going to love coming to Destin, Florida. This is one of the hottest places attractions and is a great place to cool down. Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park is a fantastic time for everyone who loves splashing. if you are a water park enthusiast then I am sure that you love this place. This place is for you if you are looking for big thrills.

Big Kahuna’s Water Park is a great place for adults as well as kids. If you are in search of things to do in Destin then you must this place on your list.

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Dolphin Sunset Cruise

When you are in Destin, Florida then you must go to the Dolphin Cruise. This is a fantastic place where you will see dolphins frolicking in their environment. I am sure that you will take a number of photos and videos during this cruise. If you are lucky then the dolphins will be getting close to the boat, seeing them in this closeness make this experience more special.

This 2-hour experience might fly by so you must try your best to stay in the present. Going on a Dolphin Cruise is one of the most fun activities to do when you are in Destin, Florida. The majesty of these beings is something you have to witness.

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